Stop Trolls from Exploiting Youtube’s False Flagging Algorithms to Repeatedly Ban My Content

Well here we are again, it’s always such a pleasure.

As anyone who has followed Topless Topics for any length of time knows, throughout the 10+ years I’ve been attempting to raise awareness for topless equality and normalizing nudity, as well as many other important social and civil issues of our time, I’ve dealt with a constant onslaught of baseless censorship and bans despite ALREADY CENSORING all my content, thanks to how easily the algorithms of major websites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc can be exploited by bad actors who want to shut down creators and voices they dislike (aka “cancel culture,” except, actually, for real)

Hence, since early 2021, I’ve given up on the fight for gender equality against censorship until such a time that a website that DOESN’T hate women and trans people for daring to want the same rights and privileges as cis men. But for just this once, I decided to utilize the clickbait of my heinous female nipples to spread a very important message–GET VACCINATED, or this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic will NEVER END. After filming the actually (nonsexually) topless video to be hosted on that someday-maybe website that doesn’t hate women and trans people, I put an extremely zoomed in version of the video showing only my face on Youtube, with not even a single pixel of collarbone showing, certainly not anything that might lead Youtube to identify me as “Female” and therefore less deserving of rights against censorship.


Instead, they exploited the algorithms yet again by merely highlighting the mention of the word “vaccine” in my title and using that to trick Youtube’s brainless algorithms into banning my video as “vaccine disinformation”

Yes, that’s right, Youtube banned my


reputable publication-backed

informational video

as “vaccine disinformation.”

And of course, because I’m not famous (which would mean rules don’t apply to me) and because my cabal of haters has already exploited the algorithms many times in my past to get my content removed, then my channel is already on a whitelist of “full bans ahead,” where even my appeals against bans are immediately rejected, far faster than any real human could actually have reviewed them.

This is where you come in.

As always, I’m just one person, easily ignored and dismissed, especially with entire 4chan threads dedicated to shutting down my content. The only chance we have of getting my content restored is if we BOMBARD Youtube with alerts to how easily their algorithms have been exploited to ban my content for false reasons, and plead with them to assign a real, live, non-algorithmic moderator to review my banned video and realize, in fact, it’s NOT vaccine disinformation and is instead ENCOURAGING everyone to get vaxxed, before it’s too late and we have a variant of the coronavirus that even vaccines CAN’T stop!

It’s anyone’s guess if any of these methods of contacting Youtube actually ever reach a live person, but all we can do is try, try, try again:

If you want to see my content restored, here are all the methods of contact for Youtube that I could find (please use all of them, multiple times, until we reach a live person):

I don’t have much hope in any of this working, since the metaphorical cards have been stacked against me all the while, thanks to my challenging the misogynistic status quo which angers both moderators AND trolls. But the least we can do is try.

And someday, maybe, dream that enough people will be personally inconvenienced by the tyranny of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all the rest to put their energies into a platform that DOESN’T hate women, transfolk and other minorities, while coddling nazis and ACTUAL disinformation peddlers. If and when such a website finally exists.

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