Custom-Made Topless Topics Vinyl T-Shirts~!

While my quest to find an affordable, trustworthy small-run T-shirt printer continues, I’ve started experimenting with my friend’s cricut machine and vinyl press to custom-make our own Topless Topics merchandise, one product at a time.

The great thing about making each shirt custom is that I can provide a lot of options for shirt type, color, vinyl type, color, sizing, etc for each product made. The hard part is that it’s tedious, takes time, and I have to find and pay for all my own materials.

For now, I’m going to experiment with pricing to see if I can find a happy medium between “doesn’t cost an arm and a leg” and “at least covers the costs of materials, labor and shipping.” Unfortunately it gets even more complicated when trying to arrange shipping outside of the United States, so for now I’m limiting sales to within US borders only.

If you’re interested in ordering a shirt, please fill out the form below so we can get a dialog going to nail down your specifics. Please understand that these orders are first-come-first-serve, and given that I’m also the sole creator, editor, promoter, etc behind ALL of Topless Topics, I don’t have a lot of spare time to also make and send out shirts. Hopefully if you’re interested in buying a shirt, it’s because you support the Topless Topics mission and want to help me spread the word to others about topless equality, not just because you want a cute shirt ;p

Got an idea for a different motto or phrase to be made into a T-shirt? Let me know!

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
(based on body type for sizing requirements, not on how you identify)
(shirts may not strictly adhere to size listed on label, especially regarding women’s clothing, since the industry specifically avoids standardizing sizing for feminine-presenting bodies)
Price range you're comfortable with (shipping costs not included)
If/when I can find a small-run T-shirt printer to obtain stock from, I can drop prices, but for now all these shirts are custom-made by hand (me) and take a long time and expensive materials to produce
Method of Payment
Please keep in mind my options are limited at this time as to which methods of payment I can accept. For instance, to use a Visa/etc card, I need a Point of Sale account (such as with Square or Stripe) which I haven’t been able to establish yet, as these websites are banning my accounts as “selling porn” (even though they’re entirely not)
What is your expected deadline for receiving the shirt?
At this point, I’m not comfortable accepting more than one or two shirt orders per month, because it takes so long to produce and ship them out. Again, if you’d like to improve prices and access to merchandise, please help me find an affordable, small-run T-shirt printing service:
By checking this box, you understand that this form is NOT an official order; it is instead a message to discuss the customization for the desired shirt, as well as feedback on what a realistic turnaround time is.
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