Topless Topics Newsletter (Mailing List Edition) #5

Originally sent out 8/25/2018

Phew, finally getting this thing out. I think unless it’s been an unusually busy week, it makes more sense for me to send these out every two weeks or so, instead of weekly -_- I’m sure you cats don’t want to get emails from me just to say “sorry this week was torture so I have nothing new to report,” right?

Anywho! It’s been an intense couple weeks, the whole household has been sick AND Link has been/is off daycare for two weeks, so getting anything accomplished has been boss-level hard. However, I did get a few videos out, so here they are in order of importance:



As you hopefully noticed in the above listing of new videos, there are several events happening TOMORROW, Sunday August 26th nationwide: Protests against the Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation, and the annual GoTopless Day, both of which happened to fall on Women’s Equality Day this year. You can hear more about these events and how to find some in your area by watching the “Go Topless to Save Democracy” video linked above (or here: ) or by using online resources like these:  GoTopless I don’t know for sure which event I’ll be going to yet, but I’ll definitely be doing my best to make a video at them and have that video edited and uploaded ASAP!


As I said, the past few weeks have been really busy at home so I don’t have much to report as of yet. However I have lots of stuff in the works to roll out as soon as it becomes feasible! For instance, I’ve got several cohost/interview videos being set up, with everyone from some of my longtime viewers who thoughtfully wanted to weigh in on Topless Equality and other related issues, to experts in their fields, like exvangelical journalist Christopher Stroop and maybe even a celebrity or two! The biggest challenge is just making sure the other side has tech set up for a video chat if we’re making the video via Skype etc., and/or finding a time when our schedules match up. But those things are definitely happening, so look forward to it! And as always if -you- are interested in cohosting a video with me, send an email to with a little bit about your background, topics you want to talk about, etc., and we’ll try to make it work! (Note that this is a call for videos to be uploaded to the website, not private 1v1 chats).
Also, in case you missed it in the last newsletter, I’ve calculated the results from the “Which Rooster Rock pictures should I add to the store” poll (still available at but I’m no longer counting votes) and added the ten most popular to the store, all of which are now available at Proceeds from the sale of these photos all go into upkeep and improving Topless Topics, from paying for video hosting and hiring outside talent to help me improve the website, to someday purchasing tools so I can record higher quality and more diverse content (like being able to record at a public protest without having to haul around heavy equipment that I’m afraid will get broken if I have to leave quickly!). You can read more about those goals on the donation page:
Speaking of Rooster Rock–trust me, I have seen the dozens (literally) of emails and comments the more persistent of you have been sending asking/demanding when that video will be up, and trust me it’s happening, though I have to stress again that it’s really not going to be anything too exciting, so it’s weirding me out how persistent some of you are being -_- (One of you in particular has send TWENTY THREE EMAILS demanding the Rooster Rock video in the past month….seriously, guy?!) I’m just gonna level with you, as I said in my post-hiatus “Topless Topics Returns! But Things Will Be Different” video ( as much as I care about and want to keep making content for Topless Topics, I’m just not able to drop all my parenting and real-world duties on a dime to devote myself to making new content as much as I like to, and I have to be passionate about it, otherwise why bother? When groups of fans start demanding certain things and videos out of me, it makes me suspicious and uncomfortable, and just DECREASES the chances I’ll ever do the thing you’re demanding. So if you want to drop an occasional suggestion (I recommend doing so on the actual Suggestion Page ) then feel free, but please don’t spam me with the same suggestion, and I advise you not to DEMAND anything or you’ve got basically zero chance of getting it! That’s just basic politeness, yo!
Okay that’s pretty much it for now, just hang tight and look forward to the upcoming cohosted interviews, as well as whatever I manage to film tomorrow at the Kavanaugh/GoTopless events! Given that I don’t have a partner to follow me around with a camera nor a GoPro or anything like that, I’m not sure what the quality of whatever I’ll be able to film will be, but I will definitely try to get SOMETHING, and if nothing else, I’ll record a vlog post-event to tell you all about how it went. So look forward to that!
Peace out, cats!
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