Topless Topics Returns! But Things Will Be Different

Topless Topics Returns! But Things Will Be Different

Yep, as the video says. Basically, I’m gonna stick with these three mandates:

1. Video making is just a hobby, my real job is pursuing creative projects and taking care of my kids. As such, I will only be making videos when and on which subjects I feel like making them. If you want to bombard me with suggestions in the comments, you still can, but know that the more you “demand” a certain subject (or that I do them fully nude, etc.) the more you’re ensuring I never, ever will.

2. I’m not gonna waste oodles of time making sure to set up crossposts and linkbacks, etc. It’s up to YOU to look for new content–check on here, and/or visit I will always have a post on there whenever there’s a new video, webcomic page, etc. for you to check. Emails and comments demanding to know where new content is being uploaded will be subsequently ignored and/or screenshotted for the rest of us to laugh at. SHOW JUST A LITTLE BIT OF INITIATIVE, C’MON.

3. I’m gonna be a lot more discriminate in which messages I reply to, for the sake of not wasting time and for my own mental wellbeing. Insults, sexual demands, “concern trolling,” sealioning, and other such forms of bad faith arguing will get you ignored, muted, banned, etc. I can recognize someone who actually wants to have a discussion vs someone who’s just here to insult/belittle me, and in the very slight off-chance that you really do want to have a discussion about these videos but aren’t sure how to frame your points, just make a concerted effort not to be insulting, demeaning, condescending, etc. Otherwise you’re gonna get banned/muted. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit 8D

Otherwise, I’m not gonna make any guarantees about how often I’ll be making new videos, what those new videos will be about, etc. When I DO have concrete news to share, as always, I will share it by making a new post on So if you care about that stuff, get in the habit of checking out that site regularly. Maybe someday I can find an enthusiastic volunteer I trust enough to give the passwords to keep all the other social media pages up to date etc., but for now I’m done wasting time with all that. I got too much on my plate already to be breaking my back for stuff that doesn’t matter.

So, see you when I see you, I guess! We’re expecting the birth of Aeden any day now (actual due date is June 8) so once that happens, expect at least a week or so break as I recover, then I hope to do a video sharing the birth experience the same as I did with Link! (A retelling of how it goes, not actual video of the birth. 1. the hospital doesn’t allow video recording and 2. I don’t feel like sharing visceral bloody footage of my gaping vagina with the whole world. Sorry not sorry, pervs.)

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