A sad announcement: At least for now, I’m Quitting Topless Topics/Putting it on Hiatus

A sad announcement: At least for now, I’m Quitting Topless Topics/Putting it on Hiatus

Announcement: I’m Quitting/Putting

 Topless Topics on Hiatus until I stop feeling so fucking defeated on every fucking front.

Hi, this is Cleo logging in just to let everyone know that in the wake of me posting to Facebook etc. to complain about Youtube banning another of my videos, now Facebook itself has seen fit to disable my PERSONAL FACEBOOK ACCOUNT for POSTING ABOUT YOUTUBE REMOVING MY VIDEO! That’s right! #ThePatriarchy is very real and it ALWAYS WINS!

I’m seriously going to need to go on a good long break from the internet to get over this never ending long-silence-broken-only-by-multiple-killer-blows. I’ll be honest, in case you haven’t heard me complain about this endlessly already, creating content for Topless Topics is a LOT of fucking work. I don’t even mean just making the videos–yeah trying to be interesting and informative, to put myself out there knowing I’m gonna receive 99% hatred and insults, not to mention the physical effort of recording, editing, uploading, etc. That’s all work.

The truly exhausting part of creating #freethenipple content is, quite simply, the unending tidal wave of “will they won’t they” banning and other forms of punishment the social media websites themselves are only so happy to dole out once enough spurned perverts attack me with false flagging. The significant drawback behind all these soulless corporate enterprises being run by robots is that they are VERY, VERY easy to exploit, and that’s what alt-right trollbots excel at–exploiting weaknesses in algorithm-based websites like Youtube and Facebook to censure and remove anyone they disagree with. All they have to do is find a semi-ambiguous part of the “community guidelines,” a set of rules determined by the patriarchal owners of these websites that are already decidedly anti-women (seriously, google it) and BOOM! Instant banning! And most of the time, these website have NO actual way to appeal these erroneous exploited bans, either! (Protip: “video appeals” are actually complete wastes of time that never, ever work or reach a live person to actually review the ban).

And really, I’ve been at this for over half a decade. I keep hoping, PLEADING with those of you reading and watching my content to PLEASE join the fight with me, to SPEAK about these issues to friends and family, to at least SHARE my content so others can see them and I’m not just screaming into the void. And, some of you do. Some of you have shared the videos, left supportive comments, etc.

But truthfully, those of you who take an active role in participating in the #freethenipple fight are extremely few, extremely far between. It is, I would safely say, 99% hatred and insults that I get. And an unquantifiable amount of sheer apathy and silence. Of me simply “Screaming into the void.”

And I’m tired. I have my own life, my children, my crafts, things I care about that, yes, I would like to involve on the channel to get MORE people to care about them, but not when every single day, every single post is an unending struggle against censorship and apathy that could end it all for me IN ONE SINGLE MOMENT. Three strikes, and Youtube will delete my whole account. Facebook is even more arbitrary–they gave me a THREE DAY BAN simply for LINKING to the Vimeo upload of the video that Youtube banned–would TWO video links get my entire PERSONAL account wiped?

Every post, every second, every website, is a Russian roulette of “is today the day this PoS website decides to randomly obliterate me? Is today the day that Youtube/Facebook/Instagram/Vimeo/etcetcetc deletes my account and I have to start entirely all over again?”

If you are not a content creator, you do not understand the extreme mental toll this takes on you. The paroxysms of fear that all your years of hard work will be wiped away in an instant by a soulless Big Brother with a completely BS easy-to-exploit “community guidelines” will decide to enable the algorithms that obliterate your existence.

It’s stressful. It’s expensive. It’s endless hours of working and suffering graphic insults and threat for basically no reward. No “picking up the torch” and “inspiring others to join the fight.” No sign that ANY of this is having ANY positive effect on ANYONE.

I’m tired. I’m floundering. I’m defeated. By the garbage misogynistic websites, and by the legions of silent watchers who simply. Don’t. Care.

Consider this the announcement of a hiatus whose length will be determined by if I ever feel like making new content again. If you care about Topless Topics, if you want me to keep creating, please put your “shares” and your own created content where your silent views are. I’m too tired to keep fighting this fight endlessly on my own.

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