Giving Birth to child #2 Aeden (Repost)

(& Reassuring My Firstborn He’s Not Abandoned)

Old vlog now reuploaded after getting both my Youtube and Vimeo channels banned ( sharing my experiences giving birth to my second child Aeden, now three.

You can watch my vlog about what giving birth to my firstborn Link was like here:

Original Description

Hello new and old fans of Topless Topics, may I please present my second-born, Aeden Foras Kaiser, born 6/6/18 at 6:36 AM, weighing 8 lbs 1 oz and measuring 21″ long! Yaaaay!

Aeden had an epic poo and lost his belly button umbilical cord remnant right after I filmed this video XD One of many milestones already reached!

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