#Freethenipple parenting vlog: the harrowing tale of how I gave birth to Link!

(Originally posted to my now-banned Vimeo account on July 21, 2016)

Another old video detailing what giving birth to my now-five-year-old Link was like. Man I still remember how much pain I was in for weeks thanks to that episiotomy (cut between vagina and rectum, to make it easier for the baby’s head to fit through) Probably less painful than healing from a C-section would have been, though! Aeden’s birth went by much quicker…I’ll be uploading the vlog describing -his- birth after this!

Original Description

Okay not that harrowing. But some parts were pretty scary!

pS it’s hard to type one handed with a sleeping baby on your chest xD

Aeden’s birth experience: https://www.toplesstopics.org/aedenbirth/

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