Topless Topics Branded Merch Thriftstore Try-Haul

Topless Topics Branded Merch Thriftstore Try-Haul

After I went thrifting for a bunch of blank t-shirts and tanktops to use for making more of my handmade heat-press vinyl merch (go here for more info: ) I thought it would be fun to record a little video of me trying each of the shirts on, to take a screenshot and create mock-ups of the various design and color options I can use!

Of course, for the Youtube version I had to crop out my heinous female chest any time I was between shirts (as somehow, according to the patriarchy-owned mainstream media, “female-looking nipples” are “sexually explicit nudity” but “male-looking nipples” aren’t (: ), and even still my video may well get banned anyway, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

Otherwise, you can go to my TROM/Peertube self-hosted page to see the “patriarchy-unapproved” version of the video, it’s exactly the same, only without my heinous nonsexual female nipples edited out 😀

(In case you’re checking this link ahead of time, the censored version of the video will premiere on Youtube on Saturday, April 27th at 10am PST, and the uncensored version will be uploaded to TROM/Peertube sometime in the near future, since you can’t embed TROM uploads before they’re publicly viewable)

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