[REPOST] Topless Topics: How to Make a Balloon Animal Dog! (featuring Kaiser)

[REPOST] Topless Topics: How to Make a Balloon Animal Dog! (featuring Kaiser)

Oops! Found another old video of mine I forgot to make a post about on this website! Which is especially tragic because this very video bears the honor of being-


That’s right! Somehow after my original Topless Topics Youtube channel had existed peacefully on the website for over a year, it was this video, THIS VIDEO, that somehow triggered the ire of the Big Brother Elder Gods that they felt the only way to handle this scourge against humanity was a complete and unappealable ban off the face of the platform. And it’s only gone downhill since there.

I’m not sure of the exact date this video was banned off youtube since they wiped all that info out along with the video ban, but I first uploaded it to Vimeo on March 26, 2015, shortly after it had been banned on Youtube.

Here is the original Vimeo video description:

Here it is, the turrrrible video that Youtube most recently banned from my Topless Topics channel! As you can tell, it’s definitely the most raunchiest of porn, unsafe for even a sailor’s eyes. e.e

Anyhow I just bit the bullet and upgraded to a mid-level Vimeo account, so I can upload 5 GB per week–that’s about one or two videos per week, which should be plenty until I can start pumping them out full time (i.e. quit my day job and become a full time video maker). However video making ain’t cheap, not least of which is having to pay Vimeo, so if you like my content, please consider donating! You can make a one-time Paypal donation to ToplessTopicsTV@gmail.com (don’t forget the TV!) or you can sign up to be a regular patron on my Patreon account (patreon.com/toplesstopics) and get access to various cool perks like early access to videos and specially targeted content if you donate a little more! (wow that sounds money-grabby. I don’t mean it like that, I swear!)

Look for some all-new video content to be uploaded as soon as I have a few hours free to edit it, hopefully this weekend. A friend in LA with a nice camera and I went around Venice Beach asking passersby what their opinions were on topfree equality, it was pretty nerve-wracking but I got some really excellent stuff! Here’s hoping I can get it up here soon!

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