Topless Topics Branded Merchandise Poll

Published on June 10, 2019

Hey there, I threw together this little poll after working on some mock-ups for what branded Topless Topics merchandise might look like, to help me gauge interest and if it’s worth looking into the cost of production or not!

The plan is to go to some local embroidery shops and get pricing for products like these, then put together a crowdfunding campaign to get the minimum capital needed to order the most popular items and then sell them myself through the store. However, I want to see how interested you guys are before I go through all the effort of setting that up, as I definitely don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars getting embroidered t-shirts that no one will buy!

So please use the form below to let me know which of these items you would be willing to purchase to help me pay off the shed, buy better video recording equipment, etc. – I don’t have specific pricing info yet, I’ll run another poll in the future once I do, but I’m going to guess that at minimum most of these items are going to have to be $10+shipping to start or I wouldn’t make any profit on top of costs to make it worth the effort!

Thanks for your feedback!

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