Topless Topics Rants: Banned for Child Porn After Cutting a Bullet Out of My Head

Topless Topics Rants: Banned for Child Porn After Cutting a Bullet Out of My Head

hokay, i was all set up to do an interview with one of my followers about his male perspective on the toxic masculinity both of us have witnesses so many times, only to find he had dmed me that he had to postpone it…but the DM had come during a day-long ban from Twitter after they accused me of posting “child porn” (that is, having my heinous female nipples-which at that point he was still breastfeeding from-visible to my fully clothed toddler) so I saw the message too late. So I decided to film a rant vlog instead!

Probably won’t be very interesting to anyone just now stumbling into here, but we’ll see. I’m trepidatiously leaving this video findable by anyone, but if it starts getting “too many views” (like, a thousand) then I’ll have to switch it back to private so Vimeo doesn’t try to blackmail me into paying even more because I “used too much bandwidth” again! (read more details here!

You might be wondering where all my past livestreams etc went. well, as part of the mad scramble to prevent Vimeo from deleting my ENTIRE account, I went through and deleted every single livestream recording I ever had on here, and most of the “top viewed” videos that were obviously just being the most viewed because the most pornbots were sharing the links among themselves, not actual supporters of topless equality and normalizing nudity, which is who I want to attract. My new strategy is to make well-made videos (like my interviews and topical videos, not personal rant stuff like this) pay-per-view on onlyfans and Vimeo On Demand, then once I have enough money, I’ll be renting my own server space directly from a host like AWS to host my videos, with no middle man who can suddenly decide to extort me at the drop of a hat. I’m not exactly sure how much that would cost or how complicated it would be to set up–I’m going be working with my professional web dev friend soon on it, but she has other, higher paying projects she has to finish first, so of course I understand.

I haven’t decided what if anything to post to Youtube, since even having the entire two/thirds of the screen below my chin mosaic’ed to oblivion has been taken down as “sexually explicit,” so maybe I will upload it as audio only. I really don’t know. All I know is that the bans on EVERY platform just grow more and more insane, and I’m sick to death of all of it. I can’t just ignore the social media bans and work on videos alone, either—as this bullshit with vimeo has proven.

Anyway, you can find whatever as-yet-unbanned social media I have going at and we’ll see how long this goes….as I said in the video, my parents are unable to help me with childcare, it’s too cold and wet to get them to stay outside any length of the time, and my husband is rarely home and often irritable when he is (and of course covid rules out babysitting if I even had the money for it) so I have very limited opportunities to make new content, forget about deal with the bullshit bans. Anyway no one reads video descriptions anyway so I’ll shut up now!

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