Topless Topics & Beloved Zeal: Types and Personal Experiences with Polyamory

Published on August 2, 2019

Watch a “behind the scenes” livestream recorded while I was editing this video:

Fresh off my overall interview of David from Beloved Zeal photography (which you can watch here:, I asked David what else he wanted to talk about and he mentioned Polyamory, which it turns out we have so many thoughts about that it turned into two videos! (And honestly, could have been even longer).

This video is mostly about types/models of polyamory, from the community-minded (“kitchen table polyamory”) to the sexist and unfair (“one-penis-policy”).


Here is the second video we filmed,  where we talk more about our ideal goals for polyamory, as well as experiences we’ve had with it so far, from one-night threesomes to long term dating amid married couples!

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