Changing My Husband’s Mind About Male Circumcision | Topless Topics Sex and Romance (Repost)

Published on December 28, 2021

An old video from the early days of Topless Topics’ existence, now banned from my Youtube channel (even censored). It was also early-ish into my relationship with my now-husband and father of my children, Kaiser (aka Matthew). Back when he still wanted to impress me, so I could get him to be in videos with me more often XD It was a fun video, because I actually managed to change his mind about circumcision -while- we filmed this discussion! If you want to choose genital mutilation for your male child based on religious dogma and medical myths, that’s your prerogative. But that’s too cruel for me.

Original Description

Originally uploaded to the Topless Topics Vimeo on April 5, 2015

Original video description:

By popular request, I used my dark arts of persuasion to get my fiance to talk about male circumcision with me! Should you cut your baby’s foreskin off two or three days after birth? Shouldn’t you? Why do people do it? I dunno, but here’s a video sharing my and Kaiser’s thoughts about it!

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“Myths and Facts about male circumcision” site I referenced-

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