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Published on March 18, 2022

Past and Current Community Questions:

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Welcome to the newly revamped “Community Q” project! Previously my idea was to have people submit their text, photo and video entries that I would then edit together into one single video, but this proved to be too laborious and time-consuming for my busy schedule (seriously, my existing to-do list is SO LONG TT_TT)

Instead, I thought we’d try it again this way:

  • Each month, I release a new “Community Question,” which will be shared in our newsletter, in our Discord chatroom, and on social media posts throughout the month.
  • Those interested in participating will submit their entry to their own social media and/or video hosting account (more on that below)
  • Participants will notify Topless Topics of their entry, via the form below and/or by letting us know in the #communityq room in our chatroom
  • After the end of the month, all submitted entries will be included in a list on a website page and shared with the community to view on their own

If you miss out on participating in a particular question in its designated month, you can always make your submission later to be added to the list! It just won’t be as likely to be seen as if it’s submitted during the month before the question concludes.

Sample Submissions

Still not sure what a Community Question submission looks like? Here are some samples below! If you still need further guidance, feel free to ask in our chatroom for help!

Example Text Post

Example Video Post

(this post isn’t actually related to the Community Question, but still serves as a great example of a reply video)

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