Cleo Discusses Family Nudism with her Dad

Cleo Discusses Family Nudism with her Dad

Two ooooooold videos from the very beginning of Topless Topics when I used to do a “hand bra” to try to avoid getting banned (and it didn’t work because Youtube still started banning even these videos, because Youtube hates women). The responses on Youtube were always whack anyway. The way americans flip out over “nudity” (which somehow includes male nipples but not female nipples) and always link it inexorably with explicit sexual acts is insane. No, being topless in the same room as my dad is not the same as having sex with him. What is broken in YOUR brain to think that way???

Originally posted to Topless Topics on Youtube on Jan 15, 2015 and banned some months later, after the haters started aggressively targeting my videos with false flags. (receipts: )

This second video was filmed after I had dropped the “hand bra” act (since it wasn’t stopping my content from getting banned anyway) and the censored version was posted to Youtube on June 2, 2015, a few months after the earlier video. I frequently get requests to talk about how I was raised a nudist, how my parents handled teaching a young child about appropriate and inappropriate (that is, not-socially-acceptable) public nudity, stuff like that.

It’s been a while since I did a video about nudism or anything like that with my dad (my mom is no longer with us, as she passed February 12, 2021) that aren’t in these videos that you’d like me to ask him in a future video, let me know! I already plan to record at least one video in the future discussing his views on sexual nudity in shows like Bridgerton, vs graphic gore in Game of Thrones, and SOOOOO MANY OTHER shows that is not treated with half as much shock or aversion by our nudity-demonizing, violence-fetishizing American culture. If you’d like to find out if/when that video is recorded and put up, then be sure to follow Topless Topics on social media 😀

As-of-yet-unbanned social media links are posted below, but to make sure you keep up to date as I’m forced to make new accounts because old ones were banned for nonsexual female nipples, visit in case any of the links below no longer work.

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