Topless Topics Interviews: Dungeons and Drag Queens Live

Topless Topics Interviews: Dungeons and Drag Queens Live

Here is a wonderful little interview that happened very spontaneously after I went to a “Dungeons and Drag Queens” event in Portland after I happened to see an ad for it pop up on Instagram! For once in my life, I hadn’t lugged a heavy camera along with me “just in case,” but they were splendid enough to lend me the use of their camera and microphones so we were able to record this before they left to go home!

Watch the videos below, and keep scrolling to find all relevant links to their social media profiles, where to buy tickets to upcoming shows, and so on~

Patriarchy-Friendly March 2024 Interview

Patriarchy-Unfriendly March 2024 Interview

Patriarchy-Friendly December 2023 Interview

Patriarchy-Unfriendly Version on Peertube

(Peertube/TROM videos can’t be scheduled, I will have to manually change the visibility on Friday!)

Interviewees Information

  • Boujee Cherry
  • Mona Chrome
  • Kharisma with a K
  • Jayvee Valenzuela
    • Instagram: @itsJayColby
  • Paul the Dungeon Master
    • Dungeons and Drag Queens Live
    • Instagram & Tiktok: @dndqlive
  • Carlson the Musical Accompanyist
    • Instagram: @carsoncutterx
  • Other drag queens mentioned:
  • Solana Solstice
    • Instagram: @solanaSolstice
  • Issa Man (aka “Isra the Manevolent”)
    • Instagram: @issamanofficial
  • Tinashea Monét
    • Instagram: @tinasheamonet
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