Sign the petition to end sexist, transphobic bans by youtube, facebook, instagram, etc

Sign the petition to end sexist, transphobic bans by youtube, facebook, instagram, etc


So it finally happened–not content to merely display their blatant misogyny and transphobia by banning my ALREADY CENSORED heinous female nipples one video at a time, Youtube decided to ban my entire Topless Topics Channel (which was located at before they banned it) for “severe or repeated violations of [their] community guidelines,” which longtime followers will already recognize as an entirely arbitrary nebulous nonsense term that depends on how puritanical and hateful-towards-women the moderator who reviews the false flags is feeling that day.

As with all these bans, there really is nothing I can do about it–I filed the appeal (as you can see from the screenshot above) but all my past experiences with appeals on youtube, facebook, instagram etc have always ended in a quick rejection, sometimes seconds after the appeal was submitted, far too quickly for any live human to have actually reviewed the appeal.

(It’s also extra hilarious that the channel ban came to my attention the day after #WomensEqualityDay, a national holiday that Youtube, Facebook, etc love to pretend to support because it’s now viewed as financially profitable to pretend to care about equality, even as they continue to grant rights and privileges only to users who “look male.”)

But I cannot go quietly into the night, not after such blatant and repeated disregard for equality, especially as it relates to feminism, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ representation and transphobia.

So I made this Change.Org Petition, and I would be extremely appreciative if you would sign it, and share the link with any and all friends and followers who might similarly feel that enough is enough, and it’s no longer tolerable to witness such bald-faced misogyny, sexism, and transphobia towards “female-looking nipples” alone:

“Restore Topless Topics’ #freethenipple youtube channel and STOP GIVING MEN EXTRA RIGHTS”

Honestly at the moment of me writing this, I’m too enraged and exhausted to put much more detail into my mission here at the present, but in the future I hope to find opportunities to produce more videos and other content sharing the word of this petition and asking others to sign it–maybe if we can get support up to several hundred thousand, maybe even a million, we can finally reach a live person with administrative sway at #youtube, #facebook, #instagram etc so we can convince them that just as #blacklivesmatter is finally becoming “financially beneficial” enough that mainstream companies from political activism orgs to fast food franchises are expressing their “support,” so too should they risk taking a stand for gender equality regarding upper torso censorship. (And it does have to be impressed upon them as “financially beneficial,” because no corporation in the history of capitalism would ever take a risk to their financial bottom line on supporting a “divisive” issue simply because it’s the right thing to do so)

Another idea might be to contact other content creators who focus on feminism, LGBTQ+ and gender equality, as well as full-body nonsexual nudity also known as #nudism or #naturism, possibly even sex workers, and ask them to voice their support. Honestly I don’t know what I can offer to incentivize them other than beg them to take part in this, but if anyone reading this has a personal connection to such creators that I might reach out to them directly, please email me to let me know!

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