Why should Free The Nipple still be headline news? | Topless Topics Reacts

Why should Free The Nipple still be headline news? | Topless Topics Reacts

Every now and then, I like to depress myself by reflecting on how little (to negative) progress we’ve made on the “topless equality” issue, even half a century later. So I look up “free the nipple” news that highlights each flash-in-the-pan instance of a female celebrity wearing a sheer top to a fashion show, or that one time a documentary about topless equality (the titular “Free The Nipple”) came out, then…nothing. Nothing at all (:

Just gotta keep fighting I guess, and pray that someday we finally figure out how to convince all the mainstream social media platforms that it would be more profitable, actually, if they DIDN’T keep applying censorship based on “what gender you look like,” and in-the-flesh legislation will change to match. ✊

Links referenced or used in the video

(in approximate order of appearance)

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