Why Twitter DMs and Facebook Messengers are an InfoSec nightmare, and what you should use instead | Topless Topics

Published on December 20, 2022

Finally finished editing this video (that I recorded and edited during my nsfw behind-the-scenes livestreams! every T/Th 12-3pm PST at https://www.joystick.tv/u/toplesstopics ) where I tried in my ignorant layman way to figure out some way of explaining a simplified version of internet security terms and processes, what the various “private” messengers are and their strengths and drawbacks, etc. Except that I couldn’t get any of my infosec guys to agree on what anything meant, or what apps were the least terrible XD

Feel free to lay any info or links on me, and I’ll add them to the website page for this video, https://www.toplesstopics.org/fbspying . If enough people request it, I might try again to put together a better-planned video with more to-the-point information about internet security, if I can get the tech guys to agree on anything, lol.

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