New video: Can Free the Nipple be Federated?

Published on August 15, 2021

New video now available! Here’s a new, mostly unplanned vlog about my trepidatious attempts to try uploading to this new peertube instance TROM, whose owner seems pretty cool and shares my frustration at how Western culture idolizes violence while hating and fearing nudity, which somehow includes female nipples but not male nipples. (It helps that the owner is in Spain, not the US :p)

I’m hesitant to share the TROM links widely until he has a better way of handling an influx of trolls, but if you’d like the link, you can DM me and ask directly. If it can serve as a free alternative to Vimeo, great! But it’s a new project and I don’t want to overwhelm him with bandwidth exploitation from my Dedicated Cabal of Haters that has managed to get all my old content banned already!

Watch this video in either of two ways:

Here are some useful links to learn more about TROM, Peertube, Mastodon, what “Federated” and “Decentralized” platforms are, and more!

Try out TROM for yourself by signing up here!

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