Fuck Stripe- a Saga of Insane Patriarchal Hatred of Women

Published on April 26, 2022

Here’s a video describing the situation so far, that hilariously Youtube hit me with a fresh strike “for linking to porn” for…linking to THIS EXACT PAGE

This page is mainly a placeholder until I can fucking calm down enough to fill it out completely. Similarly to my www.toplesstopics.org/fuckvimeo page, I wanted to detail the insane back-and-forth I’ve had with ubiquitous payment processor Stripe, which so many websites use with no alternative available, so that a ban on Stripe means a ban on making any money anywhere except actual porn sites (inexplicably, Stripe allows OnlyFans, a website KNOWN for being mostly used for porn, to use them- https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24291790 )

Until I type out more info about it, here are some social media posts I made about this fuckery, and I would greatly appreciate any and all retweets and original posts about this so that maybe someday the fuckfaces at Stripe will rethink their policies, or at the very least we can find and support a payment processor that DOESN’T ban all female nipples on the same grounds as hardcore porn:


(Mastodon posts don’t display on websites worth shit so you’ll have to click here to see the post: https://eldritch.cafe/@toplesstopics/108200405523014883

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