Vimeo is trying to charge me $15,000 a month just so you can continue watching my videos

Vimeo is trying to charge me $15,000 a month just so you can continue watching my videos

UPDATE: Despite deleting all my 1hr+ videos (including all past livestreams) and setting all the remaining videos as “private link” or “me only”, Vimeo is STILL claiming I’m using more than 99% bandwidth of the entire rest of the site, so I better pay them more or else!

Since I’m already paying $1000 a year for 7tb of storage, of which I’m only using 350gb, but they can still pull whatever number they want out of their ass for bandwidth (which is not provided anywhere in the site’s limited analytics from my end), I’ve now marked ALL remaining Vimeo videos as “me only,” meaning that literally only my logged in account can see any of the videos, so NO VIMEO VIDEOS I HAVE EVER CREATED WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM NOW ON.

I was already trying to severely limit access to my uncensored videos following Vimeo’s initial ransom demand in December (read below), but it looks like now I have no choice but to stop using their website entirely, which leaves me the problem of not finding a SINGLE video hosting platform that allows nonsexual nudity but NOT porn. And since I’m not ready to give up entirely and host all my nonsexual female nipples on a website alongside anal fisting and cumshots, I’m going to attempt to share my content following these methods, until I have fundraised enough to rent direct hosting through something like AWS, without having to live through the caprices of a middle-man like Vimeo:

  • Super-censored versions of new videos (even though those get banned sometimes, too) will be uploaded to these Youtube accounts:
  • Uncensored versions of my videos will only be found here:
    • Topless Topics OnlyFans – Uncensored videos will ONLY be available as direct uploads to OnlyFans as “pay-per-posts,” and will unfortunately have to be broken to much smaller parts at smaller quality, due to OnlyFans size and length restrictions.
    • Plexstorm Livestreams – Free livestreams that will unfortunately not be available to be watched afterward (due to a lack of location for me to upload them, as per the rest of this page) will continue to happen every Saturday at 3-7pm PST for the forseeable future, at least until my mom finally succumbs to cancer and I will be wrapped up even more in real-life concerns and Topless Topics will have to languish in obscurity until I can figure out how to move on from that (more details on all that’s going on with that here:

Again, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to provide the uncensored versions of all my content totally for free, but given that all the “free” websites that aren’t hardcore porn sites don’t allow nonsexual female nipples (despite their claims otherwise), and even the paid sites like Vimeo claim to allow female nipples but will then hold your account ransom if anyone actually watches said videos, I don’t see what other choice I have. If you ever find a video host that 1. allows nonsexual nudity but not hardcore porn and 2. is either “free” or has some guarantee they won’t ransom your account if anyone actually watches your videos, then please, LET ME KNOW!

Until then…uncensored videos will have to be pay-per-view, until I can afford direct video hosting!

Regrettably, Vimeo, the only nonsexual-nudity-but-not-porn allowing video hosting platform I’ve ever found and which I currently pay $1000 a year for 7tb of hosting of which I only use less than 500gb, has this week sent me emails claiming I use up more than “99% bandwidth for the whole site” and are trying to force me into an even more expensive subscription plan, which STARTS at $15,000 A MONTH. Of course, I have neither the money or the patience for that, so am in the process of signing up for my own hosting plan directly through a hosting server, with no video-hosting middleman to deal with. However, this means that very soon none of my uncensored video links will work, until I have been able to successfully sign up for my own hosting plan and re-upload the entire Topless Topics collection of videos, which numbers over 300. I have no idea how long this will take, but I will do my best to migrate all the content quickly, starting with the most recent and most popular videos first.

Apparently OnlyFans allows direct video uploads, and I’m going to experiment with this in the meantime. I also, now that I have more experience with how to use OnlyFans, plan to end this account and start a “free” model, where customers like you can pay only for the content you really want, instead of a monthly subscription. So please if you’re reading this, make sure your accounts have disabled auto-renewal, and stay tuned for when my “free” account goes live. (Visit to stay up to date with all my current methods of contact!)

It’s regrettable that Vimeo is forcing my hand with this, but it’s flabberghasting that they’re trying to extort even more money out of me–punishing me for the fact that people are actually watching my videos (which is only 126k views a month, and most of my videos are only available at 720p or lower, so even that is utterly absurd).

I will try to maintain transparency during this process, and let you know as soon as I have the hosting transferred, or the Vimeo account is officially terminated, or whatever the near future contains. But please, as always, keep in mind that I am the SOLE creator, editor, promoter, social media manager, accountant and everything else for all of Topless Topics–not to mention primary parent to young children in the middle of a pandemic–so there’s only so much I can do. If you have immediate questions you want to ask, I recommend asking them in our Discord chatroom, and maybe one of the other community members can help you if I’m not available just yet! Sign up here:

Otherwise, I ask for your patience, and promise I will do my best to fulfill subscription obligations as soon as I can. Again, please make sure your auto-renewal is turned off, as I can’t cancel it from my end, and am not sure how responsive OnlyFans will be if I contact them and ask them to end service myself. Thanks, and I look forward to having all this ironed out with a new hosting service, that doesn’t charge ridiculous amounts then punish the customer for people actually watching the videos. Ta ta for now!

Bonus Note: Please help me pay for all this through donations/subscriptions!

If my struggle with Vimeo/finding my own direct video hosting plan is distressing you, then please consider helping me pay for the hosting and everything else through some method of donation or purchasing digital prints in my Etsy store!

I have a Patreon at with different tiers of perks for your donations, including:

  • Every-other-day “artistic nude selfies” from past photoshoots I have done (before the whole pandemic thing made it impossible to set up future photoshoots)
  • Access to weekly NSFW livestreams where I play video games, work on art projects, or just have a friendly chat with visitors
  • Your own special role in our Discord chatroom
  • Your own digital download of your favorite “artistic nude” photos

And other perks and information, which again you can see at !

I also have an OnlyFans account, but I’m hoping to end the subscription model and change it to a “free” account where interested viewers pay only for the specific content that interests them. So please follow me on social media so you can find out as soon as I’ve had time ot set that up!

Finally, I have my Etsy store, which currently only has digital prints available since I don’t have the time or money to produce physical goods. But after I have all this other nonsense taken care of, I’d like to really focus on getting together the initial funding to produce and sell T-shirts, Coffee mugs, Covid Masks, and many more items, so again, please follow me on social media to know once I have that available!

Here is the Etsy store:

Finally, if you don’t feel the need for immediate compensation for your donation and just want to help me pay for everything out of the kindness of your heart, I have Paypal and the CashApp set up for direct payments, links below. I’m too strapped for time to promise immediate fulfillment of anything in response to the donation, but when and if I can, I’ll show my appreciation with the digital photo prints (and/or physical goods once I’m able to produce them) ASAP!

  • One-Time Donations through Paypal
    • (Click the graphic above!)
  • Donate directly through you phone using the $CashApp: Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5!
  • (If you are already a CashApp user, simply search for $ToplessTopics within the app!)
  • Thanks and sorry for all this nonsense–maybe someday I’ll be able to set up some kind of monetization that would allow me to hire staff, and free me up to focus just on making new videos. But since Youtube won’t even allow me to post my videos, let alone apply for monetization, I wouldn’t hold my breath x.x

    As always, if you have questions for me, you can use a method on my contact page and I’ll try to get to you when I can. But not to repeat myself ad nauseum, but I am the only person behind all of Topless Topics, as well as primary parent to youngsters in the midst of a pandemic–I can only respond as quickly as I can!

    Thanks again for your patience and support.


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