Topless Topics Interviews Funky Frog Bait about topless equality/free the nipple from a nonbinary perspective

Topless Topics Interviews Funky Frog Bait about topless equality/free the nipple from a nonbinary perspective

Huge thank you to FunkyFrogBait for their kindness in letting me briefly interview them, in the middle of the noisy chaos of Vidcon! I really hope at some point to conduct a longer video with them about this and many other topics I would love to get their perspective on, but for now this interview is short yet they made so many intelligent, insightful points straight off the cuff.

If you somehow aren’t a FunkyFrogBait fan yet, be sure to check out their channel, and these videos especially:

“STOP Falling for RAGE BAIT”

“This Internet Debate Is Making Men MAD” (Bear or Man)

And if you’re new here, welcome, I hope you’ll stick around and check out some of my other videos, especially my interviews! Please note that a lot of my older content is missing from my Youtube channel, as I’m constantly getting content banned thanks to the weaponization of false flagging by haters, as well as censorship algorithms trained by said haters to ban my content with an aggressiveness that no other creator seems to face. You can find the “patriarchy-unfriendly” versions of my videos, as well as a lot of other great content, on my website:

I also highly encourage anyone who supports an end to gender-specific censorship aka free the nipple to follow and interact with my content on all the various socials (links to as-yet-unbanned accounts at ) and/or make your own original posts about the subject and post it to your own social media pages, then tag me and I’ll retweet/boost/etc you! The only way we can EVER include topless equality to the “rainbow capitalism” umbrella that allows it to stay up on mainstream platforms is if a LOT more people point out the blatant sexism, misogyny and transphobia of gender-based censorship, so be loud!

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