Topless Topics Reacts: Vox’s @gaywonk vs Youtube’s endorsement of targeted homophobic hatespeech!

Published on October 25, 2021

10/25/2021: Newly reuploaded to TROM!

Original description:

UPDATE: hahhhahhahhahha fuck you Youtube.

Felt like waxing on about this subject near and dear to me! It sure feels bizarre to watch social media companies like Youtube and Facebook and Twitter bend over backwards to avoid even the appearance of being mean to alt-right “conservatives” including endorsing outright targeted hatespeech and online bullying while banning my entirely harmless #freethenipple videos purely and entirely for having nonsexual female nipples visible in them!

Here are some relevant links:
@gaywonk’s twitter threads about @youtube allowing targeted hatespeech against him:
Youtube’s generic robot reply that they don’t give a shit:
@gaywonk’s reaction to Youtube not giving a shit:

The Vimeo upload of the exact same Soylent Green video that Youtube banned me for as “sexually explicit content”:
Another vimeo upload of a banned Youtube video, this time my opinions on being pro-choice while pregnant:
Another vimeo upload of a banned Youtube video, this time a tutorial on making balloon animals shot with my then-boyfriend (who is allowed to be shirtless on literally every single social media platform):

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