Topless Topics Rants: The Fallacy of Good Men vs Bad Men (repost)

Published on June 18, 2021

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As part of my experiment to find a home for my heinous female nipples that DOESN’T ban them as “sexually explicit pornography,” I’m trying out two different platforms: LBRY and Dailymotion.

LBRY is very hard to use, while DailyMotion is vague about what they consider “sexually explicit” or not (somehow basically every website ever seems to consider female nipples in any and all situations “sexually explicit” but not male nipples) so I’m not holding my breath on that account staying unbanned either. But until I win the lottery so I can afford childcare and to set up my own direct video hosting, it’ll have to do for now.

Original Description:

I’m sure many jimmies will be rustled with this video, but it’s important so let’s do it. Let’s discuss the logical fallacy of “good men” vs bad ones.

“The problem with ‘good men,’ according to comedian Hannah Gadsby”
“Seriously, We Really Need to Talk About Nanette”

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