Help me get share this post 100 times to win a free Sauvies Island digital print!

Help me get share this post 100 times to win a free Sauvies Island digital print!


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Hello, Topless Toppers! (That’s a terrible nickname…help me think of something better :p)

Recently on the Topless Topics Facebook Page (click here to visit and give us a “like”!) I asked you cats if you’d be interested if I started some kinda “reblog this content to enter a sweepstakes for a free Sauvies Beach Digital Print” thing. Well, to test that theory, I’m gonna ask that we get the attached post to 100 shares. If we can do that, I’ll consider that a sign that I should move forward with the “reblog to win” idea, and everyone who reblogs now will get your own free digital print of your choosing! You can see the prints I have available now at and the more funding we can get, the more future photoshoots I can arrange, not to mention start making physical prizes like t-shirts, bumper stickers, and more! So please, share share share!

You can help me share this post three ways:

one is the original Twitter thread, which you can visit here. Please retweet every message in the thread!

one is the Facebook page post, which you can share from the Facebook page itself. Click here to visit (and please “like” the page while you’re there!)

one is the Tumblr post, which you can visit here.

There’s also the Instagram version of the thread, but AFAIK you can’t “reblog” Instagram posts. But you can “like” them, which would be greatly appreciated!

To be clear, I’m counting reblogs from all three sources combined, so I don’t think 100 shares should be too much of a sky-high goal to reach. And if you are the same person reblogging on multiple platforms, I’ll give you a different picture for each reblog! (Only once per platform counts though, sorry).

I know you cats must be sick of hearing me say this, but the ONLY way we can start expecting changes from social media CEOs and lawmakers both is if we start raising a HUGE stink about the blatant gender discrimination in regards to topless pictures being censored for women and female-presenting persons, but not anyone who “looks like” a man, and the way to get that going is if we break through our comfort barriers and engage lots of other people in the subject, hoping that they too will go forth and do the same. So, I know a lot of you are worried that friends and family might see your post and label you a pervert, or that you may be worried about a professional contact finding the post and getting you in trouble with your job. If that’s your worry, then by all means, please make a new, anonymous account and use that to reblog the content. The important part is to get as many people as possible talking about topless equality, and I quite literally can’t do that all by myself. 🙁

So please, “take one for the team” and help me fight for #freethenipple by REBLOGGING/SHARING all the Topless Topics content, and win yourself a free digital print while you’re at it! And if/when this takes off, we’ll put donations towards providing bigger and better prizes, like starting to produce physical prizes like Topless Topics t-shirts, bumper stickers, and who knows what else!

Thank you in advance for your help!!



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