Topless Topics Karaoke: Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Published on January 11, 2021

Following the deletion of my channels from both Youtube and Vimeo, I’m now attempting to upload my videos to LBRY and DailyMotion (but I’m expecting them to get banned from those sites as well, cuz the patriarchy).

If even these embeds below aren’t working, you can let me know thru my contact page, but most likely it means that those accounts were also banned, so there’s not much I can do about it, except continue soliciting donations so that someday maybe I can pay for my own private video hosting direct thru AWS.

Watch on TROM:

Watch on LBRY:

(requires a logged-in account with “show mature content” enabled on the desktop app, not the in-browser site)
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Here’s another old video now re-encoded and re-uploaded here because Youtube and Vimeo deleted my accounts which also lost my previous description and upload date, sorry. Please note that as of me uploading this video (June 2021) I am NOT PRODUCING ANY NEW NSFW CONTENT, as explained more in but the TL;DR is it’s not worth the fxxking fight against getting deleted and banned. I hope to revisit the idea of making new content later this year once my kids are in school/daycare so I actually have time to work on new stuff, but we’ll see how things are when that time comes. You’re welcome to follow me on any as-yet-unbanned social media links for updates on when those new developments happen- has the links. (usually, you can just do a web search for @toplesstopics)

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