Topless Topics Karaoke: Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Published on January 11, 2021

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Here’s another old video now re-encoded and re-uploaded here because Youtube and Vimeo deleted my accounts which also lost my previous description and upload date, sorry. Please note that as of me uploading this video (June 2021) I am NOT PRODUCING ANY NEW NSFW CONTENT, as explained more in but the TL;DR is it’s not worth the fxxking fight against getting deleted and banned. I hope to revisit the idea of making new content later this year once my kids are in school/daycare so I actually have time to work on new stuff, but we’ll see how things are when that time comes. You’re welcome to follow me on any as-yet-unbanned social media links for updates on when those new developments happen- has the links. (usually, you can just do a web search for @toplesstopics)

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