Tentative new home for uncensored Topless Topics videos: LBRY!

Tentative new home for uncensored Topless Topics videos: LBRY!

Click here to be directed to my Topless Topics LBRY account, where I’ll slowly be re-uploading some of my older uncensored topless equality videos as I test this platform out:

Or, keep scrolling to find out more about what LBRY is and how to use it!

List of videos re-uploaded to LBRY so far:

(All videos require a logged-in LBRY account with “show mature content” under your user settings enabled. List may not be the most current; visiting the above link to the entire Topless Topics Uncensored LBRY channel is the preferred way to see all videos currently available)

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What is LBRY?

I admit I’m not the most tech-savvy of people, so I’m not the best source to explain exactly what LBRY is. The best I can summarize my limited understanding of how this platform works is this:

  • Popular mainstream video hosting and social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, etc are privately owned and “centralized”- all hosted data uses the same database, controlled by the same Big Brother overlords
  • This means that they can–and will–decide to obliterate your entire channel with the click of a button, based on an arbitrary interpretation of the “community guidelines”
  • The main benefits of using these platforms are thus:
    • Extremely easy starting curve–simply make an account and start uploading, even straight from your phone
    • Autoplay algorithms can make it easy for your channel to grow if you can game the system, especially if you curtail to popular Youtube/Facebook/etc mainstays like white nationalism and anti-vax conspiracy mongering
    • If you do happen to become successful, Youtube Facebook etc have built-in options that can put ads over your content and give you a microscopic share of the profits every time a hapless user clicks on said ad
    • similarly, if you enjoy funding the rise of nazis and death of democracy, you can pay these platforms to promote your content to other users on the side
  • However, with great convenience comes great vulnerability:
    • the larger the website gets, the more it’s run by robotic algorithms with very limited understanding of what content it should and shouldn’t remove (any hint of looking female-breast-like can be easily detected by these algorithms, and with the added assistance of a dedicated cabal of haters bent on your persecution, these algorithms can easily be led into removing your content without warning or appeal
    • Even if you do get a chance to appeal, the odds of your content being reinstated are directly inverse to how popular you already are–if you’re an existing youtube celebrity like Pewdiepie, Logan Paul or Alex Jones, you can post pretty much whatever TF you want with impunity (until finally, ONE PARTICULAR VIDEO gets enough public outcry that it may get removed…but leave the rest of your internet empire to freely grift and radicalize)
    • If you’re not already famous and therefore exempt from the rules, you will instead be at the mercy of how the live moderator who reviews your appeal–if it ever does reach a live person, which is no guarantee–is dependent on how that (most likely extremely underpaid, overworked) employee interprets the incredibly vague, easily exploited “community guidelines”–which can be further muddled by that moderator’s own existing biases and predilections, meaning if they’re pro-nazi but anti-women, guess whose already-censored nonsexual female nipples are getting banned!
    • Finally, you pretty much lose all rights to your content upon uploading it to any of these platforms, and are giving them permission (via the tiny text in the Terms of Service that only a tiny percentage of people actually read, let alone know how to interpret) to do whatever they want with that content, including using parts of it in advertising their platforms, etc. If you ever do decide you want to take down that content, you’re pretty much fxxked, especially if the video was popular enough that other users have already stolen and reuploaded it elsewhere.

So what’s different about LBRY?

Again, I am NOT a tech expert, so I’ll quote LBRY’s own FAQ:

For most users, LBRY will be a place where they can find great videos, music, ebooks, and more: imagine a vast digital library that is available on all of your devices. But under the hood, LBRY is many components working together.

First and foremost, LBRY is a new protocol that allows anyone to build apps that interact with digital content on the LBRY network. Apps built using the protocol allow creators to upload their work to the LBRY network of hosts (like BitTorrent), to set a price per stream or download (like iTunes) or give it away for free (like YouTube without ads). The work you publish could be videos, audio files, documents, or any other type of file.

Traditional video (or other content) sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify store your uploads on their servers and allow viewers to download them. They also allow creators to make some money through advertising or other mechanisms. However, there are some well-known drawbacks, especially for people whose material is perceived as not being advertiser-friendly.

LBRY aims to be an alternative to these sites, allowing publishers and their fans to interact directly without the risk of demonetization or other meddling.

What makes this all possible is the blockchain technology developed by the creator of Bitcoin.

Do you have to understand any of this to use and enjoy LBRY? No. Does it still matter to users? Yes!

If, like me, the above still doesn’t make much sense to you, here’s a link that explains LBRY in a less complicated way, and provides samples of what it looks like to log in, explore and upload your own content to LBRY:


What concerns do I have about using LBRY?

While I’m exploring LBRY as an alternative place to house my uncensored topless videos until either-

  • (A) we find a few nudist/naturist billionaires to fund the development of a video hosting and social media platform that actually understands the difference between nonsexual nudity and hardcore porn, or
  • (B) I pool the resources and time to set up my own direct video hosting (with severely limited bandwidth depending on how many people watch how many videos, meaning I’ll have to gatekeep it behind some kind of (cheap) paywall to keep all the bandwidth from being eaten up by pornbots

-there are still a few things about LBRY that I don’t understand/am wary about, which is why I’m not devoting myself entirely to reencoding and uploading every single uncensored topless video I’ve ever made (which ranges in the hundreds):

  • LBRY is still a relatively new and small service/platform/etc, meaning we don’t know how long it’ll be around if it fails to find enough users to keep it sustainable, or if it grows so much that they begin to curtail to advertisers and morality police who will force the deletion of content like mine, just as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc have already done so many times
  • LBRY not only allows but encourages users to download and keep any video on the platform, which means I can never truly take a video down later if I wish, and also it would be extremely easy for any user to then re-upload that video elsewhere, such as xhamster or pornhub. Yes they could do this already with Vimeo, but LBRY makes it even easier, in fact it’s easy to “accidentally” download my videos!
  • As it’s more of a “service” than a “platform,” there’s a technologically based barrier of entry for those without the time or understanding to figure out how to use it. I believe signing up just to watch my videos is relatively simple, but still might be more legwork than many of my less-tech-inclined followers are willing to go through.
  • Video uploads aren’t entirely free–they require the use of “LBRY credits” or LBC, which are a form of cryptocurrency, like bitcoin. LBRY credits can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchange platforms, or directly through LBRY via credit card using a service called “Moonpay“. You can also “mine” it, if you have any idea how to use cryptocurrency that way (I don’t).
  • LBC can also be earned through actions like selling access to your videos by publishing it, and/or as “rewards” for supporting the community with actions like watching others’ content, repeatedly using LBRY, referring LBRY to a friend, etc.
  • Referring back to the above point–all LBRY uploads require a base amount of LBC to publish, and the more LBC you fork over upon uploading, the more likely your videos are to show up under “Explore” when users search for topics related to your content. I can set all my videos as free to watch, but this means I’ll quickly run out of LBC to upload new videos, so it’s a better incentive to add even a tiny cost (literally fractions of a cent) to access my videos–but this will be a deal-breaker for some, as it requires you to make an account and have at least some starting LBC to contribute.
  • Like so many other platforms, LBRY has an extremely broad one-size-fits-all category called “Mature content”–which lumps hate speech with hardcore pornography, even talk-only discussions about sexual education, consent, etc; and certainly, any heinous uncensored nonsexual female nipples.
  • This means that to access my videos, even via direct link or embed, requires you to:
    • Have a logged-in LBRY account
    • Have that account enabled to “show mature content”
  • Which then refers back to the aforementioned problem–EVERYTHING is thrown under “mature content,” meaning enabling that option also opens the floodgates to hatespeech, hardcore porn, etc. I know I certainly don’t want to have to wade through graphic sexual acts just to prosletyze the message of topless censorship equality, and I’m sure the majority of my legitimate nudist/naturist followers don’t want to, either
  • Finally, LBRY has its own preferred encoding settings, meaning that to maximize quality for my videos, I have to take them all back into my video editor and re-encode them to LBRY’s specifications, which takes time, effort and hard-drive space. And since I no longer have the work files for 99% of my past videos, my only option is to re-encode the final version of that video as previously uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo, etc–meaning another hit of quality loss (though hopefully if you’re seeking out my videos, it’s because you care about what I have to say, not just stare at my chest!)

All that being said, perhaps there are workarounds to these problems that I will get better at using as I try out the website. I wanted to be transparent about why I’m being slow about uploading content to LBRY, especially as there’s been very little activity on the videos I have up already (I’ve only gotten one comment ever so far, and it was….an embedded video of explicit porn by an account called “BestPremiumPorn”). But maybe if you’ve read all this so far, you’re interested enough to give it a whack and try watching my content on LBRY, tech barrier and unfiltered barrage of porn notwithstanding!

Otherwise, please continue to grant me patience as I navigate the hurdles of both nonstop online censorship of my heinous female nipples, as well as the ample concerns of my busy personal life (if you want to know more of my daily travails, I’ve been uploading semi-daily vlogs here, at least until Youtube also deletes THIS channel.

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