“Numa Numa” Lipsync & Interpretive Dance! | Topless Topics Fun Friday

Published on January 20, 2023

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As part of my new year’s resolution to not only make angry rant videos, I decided to do some light-hearted dancing and lip syncing to a classic song of my youth (and one of the very first Youtube viral videos), “The Numa Numa Song” (aka Dragostei in its native Romanian language). As you can see, I am a very good dancer who totally knows wtf she’s doing. This video is not silly at all, how dare you.

(I know it’s pointless to ask this, but please keep your pervy creepy comments to yourself. The point of my content, believe it or not, is to normalize nonsexual female nipples, so they’re visible in circumstances outside of explicitly sexual scenarios. Would you be spanking the monkey right now if it was a topless male doing this? No? Then try, if you have the mental capacity, to keep it in your pants.)

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