Use your Male Privilege to Fight for Topless Equality! (And get paid!)

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Hey there! Welcome to my latest “use the privilege of my male followers to get the word out about how insanely sexist, misogynistic and transphobic the inequal levels of censorship that are applied to “female-looking nipples” vs “male-looking nipples” on mainstream social media and video hosting platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Tumblr, and many others are” community involvement initiative!

Best of all, if you carry through these steps properly, I’ll pay you FIFTY (50) DOLLARS for your efforts! (you can refuse the money if you just wanna do it because you’re a legitimate supporter of topless equality for all genders, that’s cool too ^-^)

You can watch the video below for a step-by-step guidance on what’s entailed in this project, or scroll below it to see the steps written out!

Keep in mind these stipulations:

For the best chance of not having your OWN video banned as “porn,” you must “look obviously male” in the eyes of the platforms’ censorship algorithms–meaning have broad shoulders, short hair, lots of chest hair, etc, so that you are less likely to “look female” and therefore have your videos banned anyway just like me. It doesn’t matter what you look like below the waist, as those won’t be shown in the video (please, no full body nudity, otherwise it will get banned for sure)–just whether your upper torso “looks male” or not.

If you don’t “look obviously male” but still want to participate, you can–just please be aware that your video will most likely get banned as “porn” just like mine routinely are, so please don’t go through with this if you don’t want to risk having your entire Youtube/Facebook/etc account banned?

Also, very important, you must upload your video to your own Youtube/Facebook/etc account- if you send me the video to upload to my own account, it’ll simply get banned like all my other attempts at averting censorship, because my account has been false-flagged so many times already that videos uploaded to my channel are banned at the drop of a hat. Furthermore, having these videos on other accounts besides Topless Topics means the greatest likelihood of others finding these videos–and that’s what we need if we actually want to change these sexist policies that are the problem in the first place!

Step One

  • Download the audio file to be paired with your video by clicking here: (url)

Step Two

  • Record a video of yourself shirtless (not full body nude or the video will be banned for sure, also the point is topless inequality, not normalizing full body nudity, which is an entirely separate issue) that is sufficiently long enough to play the full audio file over
  • If you would like to make it extra interesting, you could pretend to talk (move your mouth as if you’re talking) while the audio plays, or maybe even look at the text of the audio so that it almost appears as if you’re saying the words for real, but this is not necessary)
  • Play the audio over the video-only of you with your male chest visible. No need to get into video editing to do this–you can simply start recording on your phone, camera, whatever, then use something like your computer speaker to play the audio so that it is being recorded along with the video of your male chest. Please make sure the audio is loud enough to be clearly understood in the full video

Step Three

  • upload the finished video/audio file (my voice audio file playing over your male chest video) to your own social media/video hosting account. As noted above, if you simply send me the file to upload to my own account, it’ll just get banned anyway, because my channel has been targeted already with so many false bans that the algorithms are always a hair trigger away from banning new videos (evidence:
  • If you don’t yet have a social media/video hosting platform account, or don’t want to put one you use regularly at risk, it’s fine to make a “dummy/fake” account and upload it there! However, if it IS an account you’ve been using before, it bears less risk of getting banned (brand new accounts are always more likely to trigger censorship algorithms) and is more likely to show up in search results. And, again, the whole point of the project is to highlight the hypocrisy of topless inequality so that enough people see it so that maybe, just maybe, someday we can all have the same rights to bear or not bear our nipples, regardless of what gender we “look like.”
  • You can also upload the same video to multiple platforms, if you wish! That means you can record the video/audio file ONCE then upload the SAME video to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc–the more places it’s available, the more likely we can actually effect change!

Step Four

  • to get paid, as well as make sure I have a chance to like, share, etc your video and encourage everyone else to do the same, you must notify me of your uploaded video!
  • You can use the forms of contact listed at, but the best way to do it is to post a link to the video in our Discord chatroom ( and/or tag @toplesstopics in a Twitter post with the url for the video included (you can DM also but I don’t always see the DMs since I get so much perverted crap and spam I have to sift through)
  • Each upload of your video also grants you TWENTY FIVE (25) points towards the Monthly Gift-Card Giveaway, meaning 25 more chances to win a free gift card, in addition to your initial payment of $50! You can read more about the giveaway here, and can easily participate at any time through social media engagement like replies and retweets up to posting your own videos here:

That’s it! Four easy steps and you get a nice $50 payment sent to you, plus you can feel great about being an active participant in the fight to not grant anti-censorship rights based on what gender you “look like!”

You can always help the movement out more by being an active participant in all other Topless Topics posts (see lots of specific helpful examples here! and especially be sure to like/subscribe/share others’ entries in this Male Chest Privilege initiative! Every like/share/retweet/etc also counts towards the giveaway! (more info about the giveaway:

Please note that as of me putting together this initiative, I’m not sure how many male-bodied people will be interested in taking part, and I make no income from any of my work with Topless Topics, so each $50 payment will have to be paid for with money I come up with from other sources (basically, asking my husband for it from his “real job” paycheck, lol). As such, if the $50 is your primary motivation to take part in this (instead of just doing it because you support topless equality), then please message me before recording and uploading your video, to make sure I still have enough money to pay you. If my funds for this project are dry for that month, keep posted by following Topless Topics on social media and I’ll put the word out if I am able to come up with funding later on! (or again, just do it because you want to help the topless equality cause, and because it’ll get you lots of points to win a monthly gift card ;p

Thank you so much for using your male privilege in the tireless fight to achieve equal rights for all genders!

Audio File Script

(for extra authenticity, silently read this script aloud while my audio voice file plays over you!)

Hi! the voice you’re currently hearing is that of Cleo of Topless Topics, a channel that seeks to destigmatize the sight of female nipples through repeat exposure, so that gender-neutral anti-censorship equality can be enjoyed by all. However, over the past decade, Cleo has had her content unfairly targeted by haters and prudes who have weaponized false reporting via algorithms to get her content banned over and over again, always and only for simply having nonsexual female nipples visible–or even when they’ve been blurred or cropped out. You can see screenshots showing many, many examples of previous bans she’s endured at:

Therefore, I, a supporter of Topless Topics, am using my male privilege to get her voice out without being banned, by pairing it with my sponsor-safe, patriarchy-approved “MALE-LOOKING” chest instead. If you agree that it is unacceptable to continue to ban all women’s and femme-presenting people’s chests as “inherently sexual,” and that websites and public legislation must either ban ALL nipples or NO nipples, then please like and share this video onto your own social media accounts! If you REALLY want to help–and want to make some money as well–you can download the audio file from then record your own male chest, and post your video to your own social media account just like I have done on this one!

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