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  • Use your Male Privilege to Fight for Topless Equality! (And get paid!)

    Download Audio File Here: not up yet Click Here to scroll down to the audio script Hey there! Welcome to my latest “use the privilege of my male followers to get the word out about how insanely sexist, misogynistic and transphobic the inequal levels of censorship that are applied to “female-looking nipples” vs “male-looking nipples” […]

  • Topless Topics Mailing List Edition #8

    Topless Topics Mailing List Edition #8

    Originally sent out 10/21/2018 Wow, look at me, getting the next newsletter out within two weeks of the last one for once! That’s because there’s so much important stuff coming up, and I want to give you all as much time to prepare for it as you can!   Biggest thing, of course, are the […]

  • #TitsOut4Democracy


    Hey cats! While I was creating this video about how to use votesaveamerica.com to help you register and research your vote for the midterms, I was inspired to try out a new hashtag- #TitsOut4Democracy.  You can read this twitter thread to find out more/see more examples of #TitsOut4Democracy (including my mom and dad participating!) but the basic premise is this:   […]

  • Join the #Freethenipple Fight by Re-Uploading This Video!

    Join the #Freethenipple Fight by Re-Uploading This Video!

    DOWNLOAD THE UNCENSORED VERSION FOR RE-UPLOAD: https://vimeo.com/258899988 DOWNLOAD THE CENSORED VERSION (if you must): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2uhTBb2nOQ   Hello, fellow fighters for topfree equality! As you may have gathered from my last few posts to the website, I’ve been having a very rough time with ALL the social media sites growing ever more aggressive in their constant banning and […]