Join the #Freethenipple Fight by Re-Uploading This Video!

Join the #Freethenipple Fight by Re-Uploading This Video!




Hello, fellow fighters for topfree equality! As you may have gathered from my last few posts to the website, I’ve been having a very rough time with ALL the social media sites growing ever more aggressive in their constant banning and censoring of my #freethenipple content, even on years-old videos, even when I have all the heinous female nipples censored out!

So, all that stuff I said before about when and why I was going on hiatus remains true–for the foreseeable future, I’m done making new content for Topless Topics. Without reprising this whole post, the TL;DR version is simply that I’m too exhausted right now to spend so much time and energy making the videos, AND dealing with the haters, AND dealing with the websites themselves constantly taking down my stuff. So I’m outtie, I’m keeping the content I already made up for as long as I can (Vimeo is paid through for the next few months at least, as for Youtube etc. well it depends when they ban another years-old video and hit me with the final strike that means my whole account will get erased). So feel free to keep rewatching the old videos if you miss me, I’m sure there are some out there that you haven’t seen before, or might be worth rewatching!

Or, better yet, please make your own #freethenipple content and send me a link so I can feature it here! It can be a whole video, a picture, even just a written post on Tumblr–the important part is that you MAKE YOURSELF HEARD, not just as a byline comment on a video someone else made (which btw your comments will get deleted along with the video if/when it’s taken down). However much you are willing and able, take part in the fight, and bring awareness to those who haven’t thought about the gender discrimination of topless laws before, or maybe who have a skewed view on equality that they might be willing to change if they read a sufficiently compelling argument.

However, if you’re stuck on what to write/post/do, or you feel too vulnerable in your personal life to take the risk of being an outspoken advocate for #freethenipple, I have another option for you:

Consider this my official endorsement and indeed ENCOURAGEMENT that you download this video and re-upload it to your own account!

That’s right! I’m ENCOURAGING you to download this video and upload it to your own accounts, whether that’s Youtube, Facebook, MeWe, your own private website–wherever, whenever you are willing to post it, please do!!

Will you get your social media account banned if you post the uncensored version? Probably, but we can’t make progress towards equality if we don’t take on some risks. Also, you can make an anonymous alternate account to upload to, if that’s your fear!

Will you get rude and/or weird comments and insults for posting this video? Probably, but at least most of the comments will be about -me- as the subject of the video! Also, if you honestly want to see nipple equality become a thing in our lifetime, we can’t be afraid of speaking out for fear of what others might say about us! As long as you know -yourself- that you’re in this for equality, not some weird fetish or whatever other dumb insult others try to use to shame you into silence, then who cares what others think! (Don’t get fired at your job for my sake though, please x.x)

I’m looking now into the best way to upload the video file so that you can just click a link and download it. Until I figure that out, please use Vimeo’s “download video” feature, which I have enabled on this video.

!Here is a guide for how to download Vimeo videos that have that option enabled!

Here is also the full, uncut version of this video, which I filmed with very little planning and a lot of anger so please understand that my anger is directed at these websites for constantly banning me, not at you, my very valued supporters!! It’s true I get frustrated that I have a hard time finding others willing to make topless videos like I do myself, but I also understand it takes quite a lot of bravery and privilege to be able to make these videos without fear of getting fired from a job, ostracized by family, etc. So please forgive my frustration, I’m really just mad that we seem to be unable to make any progress towards topfree equality, year after year!

But I’m choosing to go out on a hopeful note, even though it juxtaposes with me “giving up.” I’m taking a breather, yes, but I’m doing so in the hopes that others will “pick up the torch” and continue the work in my place. It’s never too late to join the fight for equality, or any cause that you care about! Just be loud, be proud, and don’t let anonymous internet haters scare you into silence! Their insults mean nothing, and together we are strong!

Until next time!


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