Topless Topics Presents: #MaleNipsOnly Edition!

Published on October 6, 2021

Welcome to yet another “social experiment” that I’m sure will end in failure, like all the others have!

I decided to have some fun with Youtube’s insane, inconsistent, hypocritical bans of ONLY my topless videos, pre-censored or not, as “sexually explicit adult material” by placing the audio over American society-condoned, commercial brand-safe male nipples only!

I’ll embed each video below as it’s uploaded, and we can see how long before my Dedicated Cabal of Haters gets yet more videos of mine banned, despite explicitly NOT breaking any HINT of Youtube’s Terms of Service, because yay fascism and the exploitation of weak, discriminatory online algorithm moderation systems!

Topless Topics Rants: The Fallacy of Good Men (#MaleNipsOnly edition)

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