Topless Equality and/or Normalize Nudity Related Memes and Comics

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This is a repository for the various memes and “social media campaigns” I’ve made over the years having to do with the fight for topless equality aka free the nipple, nudism/naturism and normalizing full body nonsexual nudity, and misogynistic and transphobic censorship overall.

You can also find the pages for the very-occasional webcomic I started called “Day in the Life of a Topfree Activist” (because I can’t think of anything more pithy yet…maybe I should just call it Topless Topics: The Webcomic?) because I don’t have too many pages for it yet, but as I draw more webcomic pages, you can find them on the webcomic page:

In between the two sections are memes made by others found about the web, either ones I found or that others brought to my attention. I have given credit to the memes if I was able to find them, but the nature of memes is that generally the original authors are lost as the meme takes off. If you have info on who to credit and/or you have other topless equality- and/or normalize nudity-related memes for me to add, let me know!

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Memes Created by Cleo/Topless Topics

All of these memes were created by me directly. Please feel free to download and share them anywhere you like, and if you want your posting counted towards the monthly gift card giveaway, be sure to mention/tag @toplesstopics on the post and submit the URL or screenshot of your post using the form at this page:

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Memes Found Around the Web

Message me if you know who to attribute these memes to, and/or if you have others you want to submit to this page!

From the excellent webcomic Cyanide and Happiness

Day in the Life of a Topfree Activist / Topless Topics Webcomic

See more at: