[REPOST] In case you were wondering why we need feminism

[REPOST] In case you were wondering why we need feminism

(uploaded so that the auto-generated thumbnail for this page doesn’t contain heinous female nipples that will get me banned yet again on social media)

Originally uploaded to the original Topless Topics Youtube channel on Sep 24, 2016

Another years-old post of mine that I forgot to make a post on this website about!

Here is the description I wrote for the Vimeo re-upload about the evolution of this video title and response:

So I’ve been going back to my old, old videos for a new project I call “Topless Topics but Zoomed,” where I edit my old videos to be super-zoomed-in showing ONLY my face and nothing that could even be remotely confused for a female nipple then uploaded to a Youtube channel I made just for this purpose, just to test if/when/how quickly Youtube STILL bans them just for having “Topless” in the name: youtube.com/channel/UCO9yBDVlVtuaLDm0Y6hSv_w

And I realized that somehow I had never re-uploaded this video here, on Vimeo.

This video title and availability on Youtube changed a lot over the handful of years it was up on Youtube, here is the description I just wrote for the zoomed-in version of it I have uploading now at

“This video went through quite an evolution when it was first posted to the original Top(less)Topics channel. It went mostly unnoticed except for my usual amount of viewers for over a year, then all of a sudden I saw a HUGE influx of gross, hateful, and/or sexually harrassing comments, especially from accounts located outside of the US. I can only figure some trolls and/or non-Americans who don’t understand how a topless woman can NOT also be willing to sell her body for sexual gratification were posting the links around on porn boards, etc. So in frustration, I changed the title to “This is why we need feminism,” fought with trolls in the comments, etc. I think I eventually just made it unlisted, but even that wasn’t enough for youtube–they banned it, I appealed and they reinstated it, then they banned it AGAIN, I appealed and they reinstated it AGAIN, then they settled for marking it 18+ (requiring logged in accounts to view, and hiding it from search results).

So we’ll see if/how quickly even this super-zoomed-in version that shows nothing but my face and occasionally the top of a shoulder gets banned.

Oh if you’re wondering why I keep looking down in the video, it’s because I was nursing my then-two-month-old newborn son Link throughout the video. Youtube, like Facebook and all the rest, claim to allow “female nudity” if you’re engaged in the act of breastfeeding, but like always, that’s just a BS lie.”

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