New Forum Post: “How to help #FreetheNipple!”

New Forum Post: “How to help #FreetheNipple!”

Hello Topless Topics supporters, I wanted to let you know that I have an important new forum post up, which you can read and reply to here:

It’s an open topic as I’m hoping to get a good discussion going on how we can get the ball rolling on this issue and get some actual changes happening! Webster did pick “feminism” as their word of the year, after all!

Or if you just want to read what I have to say on the subject initially, here’s a repost of what’s in the thread:

Hello Topless Topics/topless equality supporters, I’m so glad to see more and more of you signing up to use the forum! Please, don’t hesitate to start new topics and talk about whatever, as long as you’re not insulting anyone or demanding/sharing porn/gore/etc., we’re all good!

Anyhow, often I’m asked by folks how we can work together to fight for topless equality for all genders, especially by those who are without the confidence and/or safe situation to create and share your own #freethenipple videos and posts. The primary ways I can think of asking you to help are thus:

-retweet, reblog, share share share. As passionate as I am about fighting for topless equality, I’m afraid that I’m still just one voice, shouting into the darkness, easily ignored by the social media and legislative tyrants we seek to convince. The best thing you can do for #freethenipple, and ALL causes you care about, is to AMPLIFY THOSE VOICES that are fighting for what you want to see changed. The best way to do this it to make sure AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE see those posts, videos, etc., in the hopes that they themselves will be inclined to reblog/share, on and on, until finally enough people are talking about that issue that even the giant soulless megacorps finally take notice and think “huh, maybe we should revisit this idea after all.” It’s how culturally-revolutionary movements like #MeToo take flight, and the minimum effort it requires from you is to reblog, share, and talk about these issues to everyone who will listen, both in person and online.

(And if you’re worried about making your support for #freethenipple known on social media platforms where you’re worried about being judged by friends and family who know you, you can always make a second account unrelated to your personal life to share the posts from. Though really, if your friends and family are anti-equality, that might be something worth trying to have a conversation about!)

-if you ARE able, make your OWN #freethenipple content, about whatever you want. It could be about topless equality in general, it could be about something totally unrelated and just feature you nonsexually topless, it could be a parody of how messed up our culture’s gender discrimination against topless equality is…use your imagination and have fun! And don’t worry if you’re presenting male and worried that “trolls will just think you’re making #freethenipple content because you’re whiteknighting and hoping to have sex with other FTN activists” or such nonsense. The truth is, the internet is full of rude, selfish assholes, who will find a reason to insult you no matter what you do. You can try to laugh them off like I do, or you can simply turn comments off on your content, which is a perfectly reasonable response as well (not everyone has a thick enough hide to deal with online harassment, I know! Even I have days where the trolls start to get to me!) And if you DO make #freethenipple content (a video, a blog post, whatever!) PLEASE let me know so I can feature it on the website and get others to go check it out! You can make a new thread with a link to it in the “Topless Topics Community” forum, or just email it to If I can start getting regular submissions from other people, I really want to start putting together playlists featuring others’ content, and do monthly or weekly roundups of my favorites! If you need help figuring out what to create, ask here! We can all work together to inspire you and give you an idea of what you want to create!

(And for an example of a wonderful video of support for Topless Topics and #freethenipple in general, please check out this video created by Brian Julien, a valued member of our community! )

-email/find another method of contacting Youtube, Facebook, etc. and demand answers when they unfairly remove or censor #freethenipple content, from me or anyone else. This is pretty much a shot in the dark as pretty much all the social media monoliths don’t ever answer their emails, but you never know. I’ve had blocked posts reinstated on Tumblr before because enough of you joined me in protesting against them, so who knows! You can just google “[site name] contact info,” or tweet @ them on Twitter, or make a video specifically addressed to them and hope enough other people comment on that video so that the site itself takes notice…or best yet, do it all! Even if we are but powerless peons on our own, we ARE what these social media platforms use to “sell” to advertisers, as without us users, there’d be no website to sell!

I’m sure there are many other ways of helping that I’m just not thinking of at the moment, so again, please reply to this thread with any suggestions! I’d love to start producing more videos soon with specific tips and suggestions for helping the #freethenipple cause, like the process from video idea to final product, what the specific “rules” for posting female nipples to social media platforms seem to be and how to fight for #freethenipple without running afoul of them, and much more. So if you have questions or suggestions, let me know!

And as always, please follow #ToplessTopics on all our social media links, and retweet/reblog/share as much as you feel comfortable doing, so we can try to make some actual changes happen towards #TopfreeEqualityForAll! Thank you so much as ever for your support and your efforts in fighting for this cause, everyone!

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