Topless Topics Newsletter #11 – Murder Shack, Mom’s Cancer, and everything in between!

Topless Topics Newsletter #11 – Murder Shack, Mom’s Cancer, and everything in between!

Originally sent out 5/6/2019

TL;DR links for those of you who don’t want to wade through all this:


o NEW #freethenipple Livestreaming until May 18th, daily at 12 pm Pacific Standard Time unless otherwise noted (follow Topless Topics on social media for updates on canceled/delayed streams)

o You can watch recordings of past streams on vimeo:


o NEW “Spring Nymph Nude Forest/Beach Digital Photography Prints” now available to help me pay for things like the above livestreaming and my new murder shack (more pictures will be made available as I have time to squeeze into cleaning them up and putting them online)

“SPRING NYMPH PHOTOSHOOT” prints now available on Etsy! Please help me pay off the shed by buying a few!

(Wow that was super duper awesome, I was typing out the first newsletter in ages while trying to watch both kids, and amazingly three paragraphs into typing, Aeden somehow surged into my lap and hit send. And now it’s very unlikely any of you will even be able to read this second attempt at sending the newsletter, since my emails are typically refused as spam anyway, even moreso if I send them too close together…..weeee, thiiiiiiis is why I reeeeeally need childcare if I have any hope of ever being able to devote myself to improving Topless Topics, especially now that my mom is basically on cancer watch for the rest of her life….more on that below!

Okay, let’s try this again! And this time I’m not going to fill out the email entry field until AFTER I have finished typing everything! :D)

Oh my goodness guys. This month has been/is still crazy. There’s so much to share with you, I don’t even know where to start!

So, first, a confession: The reason these newsletters take so long for me to compose is that I’m trying to make everything as accessible for you as possible, meaning any time I mention something, I try to have a link ready to lead you to the thing, rather than requiring you to look it up yourself. However, gathering links like that takes a long and laborious effort (made ever moreso by juggling childcare at the same time)!

Thus to make it more possible for me to get newsletters out in a more timely manner, at least until I’m rich enough to pay for childcare so I have more time to devote myself to making new content, I’m gonna relax on finding all the links all the time and try to trust in your own self-sufficiency. 😀 If there’s something you’re super confused about, you can send me a message and I’ll walk you through it if I can, but honestly anything important I’ll make a post about directly to so just check the recent posts on there! I also recommend following me on any and all social media, so you have a better chance of catching any important updates:

Okay, onto some actual updates:

(side note holy @#$#@ is it hard to write these newsletters and watch the kids at the same time, literally every 30 seconds or less I have to put everything down and stop them from from climbing/chewing/breaking something and then it’s really hard to get back into the flow of whatever I was typing!)


So this past Easter Sunday (April 20th), I happened to decide to try once again googling for any female-nipple-friendly livestreaming service, only to find out that Vimeo (the longtime host of all Topless Topics uncensored videos since Youtube started banning me) was offering their Vimeo Premium level, the only level that allows livestreaming, for a whopping 20% off the annual price! However, even at 20% off, that price is over $800 a year—NOT CHEAP, especially for a mom with young children literally crawling all over her literally as she tries to type this email wee *screams into pillow*

This is me right now, struggling to hold Aeden off with my knee so I can write this @#$@#%ing thing while my toddler stays busy drawing markers all over the walls and floor, in case you wondered why trying to work with small children in the room is @%@#$ing impossible:


Okay, so….oh, right. So I decided to spend $800 of the money I’ve been saving up to pay for my “murder shack” (more on that below) to try out Vimeo Premium, because as the unfortunately true adage goes, “you have to spend money to make money,” and it is my belief that being able to finally do some FTN-friendly livestreaming might be worth it to try to bring in some new viewers, hopefully ones who care about our mission here enough to consider donating/buying prints/etc, which I can then use to pay off Vimeo Premium AND the shed…see how it works? Anyway, I have 30 days to decide if I like it enough to keep it, or get a full renewal. This means I have until May 18 (Or somewhere near there) to decide to keep it or cancel it.

So to maximize that trial period, even on top of the nearly complete lack of childcare I’ve had lately, I’ve been trying hard to livestream EVERY DAY, usually starting at 12 pm Pacific Standard Time and lasting until Link wakes from his nap and/or my dad hits his limit of being able to babysit Aeden. My husband has been working nonstop at his job and my mom has been in the hospital, and of course I can’t afford to hire childcare, so I do the best I can with what I’ve got. Vimeo keeps a copy of streams after they’ve passed, so if you want to watch some past streams, you can find them here: (along with my usual, pre-recorded videos)

The livestreams have varied from keeping me company while I work on drawing art prompts to keeping me company while I organize and clean up my murder shack, and once I’m able to ensure higher security in my shed (more on that below), I’ll be able to diversify even more, like stream while I’m cleaning up photos and editing videos, gaming livestreams, etc. Of course I always have the chat room activated, and I highly encourage you to poke your head in and say hello if you catch a livestream so I’m not just talking to myself the whole time!


Okay it’s not really a “murder shack,” that’s just been my affectionate joke name for the “recording shed” idea I’ve talked about in numerous videos and finally went ahead and spent most of our tax return on purchasing. If you want more details about the purpose of the shed, I mention it quite a bit in my update videos (find links to them on vimeo or on but essentially it’s a place devoted entirely to creating Topless Topics content—recording videos, livestreaming while creating craft pieces to sell to help out the channel, hopefully in the near future invite over people for interviews and have gaming and other viewing events together, etc. And at last the shed has finally arrived, it looks glorious, and it’s amply big enough for my computer desk, art table, co-host couch and more!

Alas…two major problems have revealed themselves since the shed’s delivery (on top of the panic of trying to get it all paid off before the end of the 90 day cash-only price, at which point I’ll suddenly owe another $3,000 in interest which is….not great. SO! Please help me pay the shed off before that happens! You can buy digital prints [and other types of products as fast as I can make them] at and/or donate directly thru ! Thanks in advance!)

Problem #1: the 10×12 shed needed more than the 10ft of clearance through the back-gate that they said it would need, so instead of being semi-reclusive in my backyard, it’s currently sitting right in my front yard driveway, directly next to the sidewalk where we get tons of dog walkers and group home patients out on walks etc, not to mention blaring car stereos now and then. We’ve tested it out a bit, and unless I’m whispering, you can perfectly hear every word I’m saying as you walk by. Honestly, the biggest reason I care about this is that I have small children, people are crazy, and I just don’t want a neighbor to hear me reading some of my hatemail aloud and call “child protective service” to come take my kids away (and if that sounds like an unreasonable fear to you, you might want to read some of the horror stories of people’s kids being ripped away for bullshit reasons by the CPS). It’s also just a little awkward to have my next door neighbors know what it is I do online, especially since I live in a pretty conservative area surrounded by trump voters. And finally, the shed being on my driveway makes it super accessible to thieves, and the built-in lock is pretty dinky so I definitely don’t feel secure leaving anything in there when I’m not using it, like say a TV or my game systems or my PC.

I’m making the best of it—trying to keep my “racy” comments quiet while I’m livestreaming, and the windows are angled so that you have to be standing at our door to see me, luckily. But I will have to pay a couple hundred to rehire the mover to come out and move the shed, plus convince my next door neighbor to let me cut his trees down or find some other method of squeezing the shed back there first, and I don’t want to spend any money I don’t have to until I have at least paid off the shed. So, again, if you want to help me make that happen: please buy prints, and/or donate. It really helps, even small amounts add up!

Problem #2: the metal roof etc. of the shed acts as a “faraday cage” that blocks all wireless signal, so until I’m able to set up some kind of WAP point or otherwise, the only internet I have out there is the single ethernet cord I currently have running along the ground from my garage to the shed. Look, I’m not the most tech-talented of content creators, but I can follow a tutorial on how to set up a signal booster. But at the minimum, that requires some money to spend on an extra router or whatever way is best, and more importantly—as I stated above, the shed is not secure enough for me to leave expensive technology in there when I’m not using it. Yes I could take my pc in and out with me every time I start livestreaming, and tbh that’s what I’m doing right now with my tablet. But with the kids and no babysitter available, my time for livestreaming is already super limited—I am not gonna waste it bringing my entire desktop pc in and out of the shed. Plus it gets hot in there! I want to install a ceiling fan, but that costs money and effort! TT_TT (So you see my problem)…

Anyway, as you’ll see if you visit my Vimeo page to watch the past livestreams ( I’m obviously not letting these problems stop me from doing what I can. I just wanted to make it clear why I’m not expanding on the suggestions I keep getting, like “why don’t you show your computer screen while you edit”—it’s not that I haven’t thought of that, just that I don’t have the time, energy, skill and/or equipment to make it happen yet! Please try to enjoy the type of content I CAN make for now, and the content will improve in variety and quality as I am able to afford it, I promise ?


For those of you who have been following along with my mom’s eight year battle with cancer and you want an update, I have some good news and bad. The bad is that they just did a body scan during a week-long hospital stay that so far hasn’t ended (but might tomorrow) and it appears that even the fancy new shot from Europe we were all excited has not been having any effect, and the tumor is still slowly growing. However, somehow, my mom has actually been slowly but steadily improving. She will never again be the vibrant, domineering tour de force of my childhood, but bit by bit she’s been leaving the house more, she even started going to the church she used to go to two weekends in a row. My dad and I had a phone conference with her and pallatiative care, and basically we’re going to try to make whatever time she has remaining as “rich in value” as we can. As her strength allows, I’m going to include her in more videos, she’s going to spend time with the grandkids, and we’ll just try to make whatever time she has left really count. So if you’re spiritual and you want to pray for her, thank you—if you just want to be supportive, I’ll happily pass along any well-wishes you want to leave in comments or email to and it really does cheer her to know that even strangers on the other side of the world are cheering her on. ? If there are subjects or video topics you want to hear her thoughts on, you can email them to and I’ll suggest them to her, again, if she has the strength for it.

Hoenstly I’m not sure how to wrap this newsletter up and I’m completely bonkers right now from tyring to babysit at the same time, so I’m just gonna end this here. Thanks as always to those of you who are genuine supporters, please consider buying prints and/or donating if you are able to and want to help me pay for things like livestreaming and the recording shed, and I’ll see you when I see you—the daily livestreams I’m doing until May 18th are a great place, for instance!

Cleo out! *exhausted sigh*

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