UPLOADED FOR THE FIRST TIME: Topless Topics Interviews the creator of the Normalizing Nudity Youtube Channel

UPLOADED FOR THE FIRST TIME: Topless Topics Interviews the creator of the Normalizing Nudity Youtube Channel

I FINALLY finished editing this video shot back in early 2021, which was my part of a video exchange where Anthony let me interview him for Topless Topics, and I submitted my own (nude, uncensored) video answering his series of questions about nudism that he asks every guest on his channel, Normalize Nudity.

You can see my video for his channel here: https://youtu.be/zY3Kt2a7JTM 

And the rest of his nudism interviews here: https://www.youtube.com/c/normalizingnudity 

Of course what is unbelievably enraging is that somehow, inexplicably, Anthony is able to host dozens of videos that are FULL BODY NAKED, FULLY UNCENSORED, most of whom are thin young women, which attract hundreds of comments and MILLIONS of views–

Yet I tried posting clips of THE EXACT SAME VIDEO I supplied to his channel, WITH MOSAIC CENSORSHIP APPLIED FROM THE CHIN DOWN, and -my- uploads got banned as “sexually explicit” (:

If this doesn’t explicitly demonstrate the utter lawlessness and persecution with which only MY content gets banned, nothing does.

See hundreds of screenshots of all the times I’ve been banned, including screenshots from the above described situation, here! https://www.toplesstopics.org/banned/

Help me spread the Topless Equality message by liking, subscribing and sharing my head-only version of these videos on Youtube!

At least until my Dedicated Cabal of Haters successfully gets more of my videos taken down for BS reasons…

Youtube Version: [Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four]

Watch all four parts hosted on TROM below

And watch all my other TROM uploads here! https://videos.trom.tf/c/toplesstopics/videos

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