Topless Topics Presents “Nonsexual Nude Gaming”!

Topless Topics Presents “Nonsexual Nude Gaming”!

Welcome! Hopefully if you’re viewing this page, you share my passion for both advocating for an end to censorship of “female looking nipples” in particular(aka #FreeTheNipple) and all nonsexual nudity in general (aka #NormalizeNudity), and a love of all things nerdy, including video and tabletop/board/card/etc gaming!

More specifically, I’m creating this page to organize my ideas behind a “nonsexual nude-friendly tabletop gaming experience,” which I would love to make you a part of!

I’ll add/change the idea here as the project as discussed, but this is how I have it laid out in my mind so far:

  • Step one: ask interested parties to submit “audition tapes” that explain their experiences (if any) with tabletop gaming (including the types of character they like to play), what their explanation is of the difference between sex and nudity, and why they want to be involved in this project
  • Step two: after finalizing the group of players (which may well change between games, to give as many people as possible a chance to participate), we pool our resources to hire a “professional DM” who would be willing to run the game for us
  • Step three: after meeting with the DM behind-the-scenes to get our characters created, we all schedule a specific day and time to play, and on that day, each of the creators livestreams their perspective from the group video chat to their OnlyFans or whatever pages while we play our game!

Please note that while nothing would delight me more than to host my own free tabletop games and invite anyone in the Topless Topics community to participate, I simply do not have the time or energy to launch such a project at this time in my life (but in a year or two when my kids are in school and/or it’s safe to hire childcare again, who knows!)

That’s why I’m specifically looking for other content creators to take part in this- to afford to hire the professional DM (unless we can find one with lots of experience running online tabletop games willing to be nude on camera), as well as to make it worth the other creators’ time. But the game would be livestreamed for each creators’ subscribers to enjoy watching, and perhaps I could convince the other creators to let me release a censored, free version later on!

So if you are or know of any creators and/or DMs-for-hire who might be interested in taking part in such a project, please let me know!

I would most recommend we discuss this in the Topless Topics discord chat’s room specifically for tabletop gaming: (click here to join the chat!)

Or if you’re Discord-averse or simply prefer to keep your questions private, you can contact me on social media (Twitter and Instagram are best, @toplesstopics on both), or email me at (but I get a lot of spam etc so it takes me a while to get through all my emails)

OR if you’re really eager to get this ball rolling, feel free to submit your “Audition tape” by recording a short video introducing yourself and answering the questions below!

Audition Video Questions

  • Tell us a little about yourself! What name do you like to go by, how old are you (if you want), what are your hobbies/interests (besides tabletop gaming, that is!), what pets you have, whatever other kinds of personal details you feel like sharing!
  • What experience, if any, do you have with tabletop gaming? What got you interested? What kind of characters do you like to play?
  • How did you hear about this “nude tabletop gaming” idea? Were you familiar with Topless Topics beforehand, and if so, how did you find us?
  • What is your definition of the difference between nudity and sex?
  • What other kinds of content do you create? Are you a gaming livestreamer, an online sex worker, a podcaster, etc? Feel free to plug whatever you’ve got!
  • Finally, what kind of scheduling do you have available/what time zone are you in? Would you be able to commit to a single-day block of at least four hours, to play one time for one month? (and possibly more occasions after that, we’ll have to see how the first attempt at this project goes!)
A brief note about submitting your audition video:

If you want to keep all this info private and submit your video as unlisted or a private link, that’s fine! But I think it would be more fun and generate more buzz about the idea if you made your audition video public! Also, you don’t need to be nude for the audition, just be ready to be nonsexually nude for the actual gaming livestream, if you should be selected as a finalist. 🙂

Anyway, that’s my idea for now! PLEASE feel free to share this link with anyone you think might be interested, or just on your social media in general! Everything is crazy right now (the US election is in less than twenty days, holy crap D: ) But assuming we don’t hit armaggedon before christmas, I’m thinking of aiming for a launch date of the actual livestream sometime in January. that leaves us a little more than two months to submit audition tapes, select the first round of players, and find a DM to hire, not to mention generate buzz amongst our respective followers so that lots of people come to watch the stream!

I’m really excited about this idea, and I really hope we can get this ball rolling 😀 It’ll be a useful tool for showing that nonsexual nude gaming is just like fully-clothed gaming, maybe be a useful introduction to newbies to the world of tabletop, and just be a fun experience overall!

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