Topless Topics New Years Resolutions 2024- goodbye Impostor Syndrome, hello Self-Confidence and Success!

Topless Topics New Years Resolutions 2024- goodbye Impostor Syndrome, hello Self-Confidence and Success!

“Patriarchy Unapproved” version on TROM:

“Patriarchy Approved” version on Youtube:

Whew. I was really hoping to get this video out right before new year’s, but as per usual, my kids and daily life chaos made it take way longer TT_TT I also put considerably more work into preparing for and editing this video…I even wore makeup! I’m going to be using it as my “channel trailer” and introduction to my content to take with me into Vidcon in June (unless I make an even better before then ;p) so I really want to make sure it’s the best quality I can make it. I also wanted to do right by the other creators and activists I gave “shout outs” to at the end of the video, which brings me to the following:

Creators and Activists I Admire

As I said in the video, lately I keep stumbling onto so many new video essayist channels who really amazing work, even the ones who have far fewer subscribers than me (not that I have that many either). They definitely deserve way more accolades, so I decided I wanted to give a shout out directly in the video to some, and include the info for a lot more down below, where I can just take the link out if I have to later on (like if they decide they don’t want to be mentioned by a woman with her heinous female nipples visible online).

Adding to this list will be an ongoing project, so if you submitted yourself or someone else and haven’t seen them listed yet, don’t worry–I probably just haven’t gotten to them yet. If you haven’t submitted an entry yet, feel free to contact me to tell me about yourself or the person you’re submitting for a shout-out:

As I’m typing this out currently, I’m dog-tired from finishing up the editing on this video (plus my kids are home, causing chaos) so I will be filling this out more over the days and weeks to come. Check back soon to see more!

Photographers, Models, and Artists

Social Activists and Educators

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Note: the following list may be out of date, as I’m constantly having to remake accounts as one after another gets banned on mainstream platforms, always and only for the heinous, unforgiveable sin of nonsexual female nipples. Go to my contact page to see which links are current:

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