@Topless-Topics Onlyfans is getting closed! Subscribe to @toplesstopicsfree instead!

@Topless-Topics Onlyfans is getting closed! Subscribe to @toplesstopicsfree instead!

UPDATE: On January 31, 2021, I will be closing my subscription-based Onlyfans account, and asking patrons to subscribe for free to the new @toplesstopicsfree OF account, and pay-per-post instead!

Yes that’s right, instead of paying a monthly subscription to the @topless-topics Onlyfans Account (https://onlyfans.com/topless-topics), which I will be closing on 1/31/2021, I’m asking you instead to subscribe for FREE to @toplesstopicsfree (https://onlyfans.com/toplesstopicsfree) where instead of paying a flat rate per month, you only pay for the content you actually want to see, whether that’s a picture pack, early access to a video, and more!

I’m making the switch because it turns out trying to set up so much regular content ahead of time is very time-consuming and laborious, and leaves very little opportunity and energy to make new videos! So I’m hoping a PPV model will let me relax a little, and just put up new content when I can, instead of having to set aside a chunk of time to set up a bunch of scheduled posts every few weeks.

Unfortunately the process of closing one OF account to switch to another is gonna be kind of messy–OF doesn’t let me prevent new subscribers without deleting the whole account, and I don’t want to delete @topless-topics until @toplesstopicsfree has finally be approved. I believe, from reading their guidelines, that as soon as I delete @topless-topics, anyone who has paid within that month will have their payments refunded. But in case there’s a problem with this, and/or so I can stay in contact with you once the OF account is closed, PLEASE contact me using one of the following, and let me know what your OF account name is, so I can make sure to deliver the content promised to you through tips, etc:

If you don’t contact me through one of the options above, I won’t have any way to message you after I close the @topless-topics OnlyFans account!!

Thanks for reading this, and I’ll be posting to the same above accounts once the change happens, so please follow them to make sure you stay abreast (lol pun) of the updates!

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