Patriot Prayer Proud Boy (nazi) Portland Rally turns violent again…of course

Patriot Prayer Proud Boy (nazi) Portland Rally turns violent again…of course

Spare me your “antifa are the REAL thugs!” rhetoric, jabroni. Antifa aren’t the one telling their members to bring concealed guns to their rallies, nor are they the ones arguing for live, lethal grenades and ammo to be used when police open fire on counter-protestors.

Twitter journalists covering the Portland Patriot Prayer Proud Boy/Antifa rally:
@itsmikebivins (Mike Bivins)
@UR_Ninja (Unicorn Riot)
@sarahforpdx (Sarah Iannarone)
@RPeavyhouse (Ric Peavyhouse)

Related hashtags:

Related links:
“Unedited video of the moment when @PortlandPolice let out the first flash bang and began trying to break up today’s protest” – @RPeavyhouse
“Here’s riot cops in Portland rushing and hitting me, @DonovanFarley, and others on the sidewalk. I don’t know why they did this.” -@dougbrown8
“Gibson says Patriot Prayer ‘always’ has guns ahead of rally”
Buses for Patriot Prayer rally provided by Republican hopeful Joey Gibson:
“How a gun-carrying, far-right activist plots a run at the US Senate”

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