NEWLY REUPLOADED: Topless Topics Rants: WTF is Up with Period Shaming & Other Women’s Body Stigmas

Published on October 27, 2021

Filmed in 2019 I think, now reuploaded here since my Vimeo and Youtube accounts were banned for “sexually explicit” material e.e (It’s videos just like this. Heinous nonsexual female nipples, oHnOoOoOoooo

Anyway, still relevant today, and always, as long as women are taught to be ashamed of our bodies. If we have to hear about your sweaty balls, the least you can endure is our occasional complaints about our monthly curse.

Original Description:

I put way too much effort into this impromptu rant vlog about period blood shaming! Oh well, even though I censored the hell out of the Youtube version, I’m curious to see if Youtube still bans it for even talking about periods! 😀

You may also be interested in this behind-the-scenes livestream from while I was editing this video together:

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