REPOST: Topless Topics movie reviews: Soylent Green

Published on June 7, 2019

Whoops, found another old video that I never made an official post for on this website! This video is especially noteworthy in that it’s one of the videos flat-out banned from my ToplessTopicsTV Youtube as “explicitly sexual!” Oh man, those female nipples, so heinous and sexual by their simple existence! Hide your non-breastfeeding children, hide your non-nipple-having wife~!

Originally uploaded to Vimeo on 1/25/2016

Original video description:

Wherein I decide to talk a bit about a movie from the 1970’s I just saw all the way through, and some of the topics brought up by the movie, namely: dystopian futures rampant with overpopulation, sexism, racism, and (spoiler!) cannibalism. Stay tuned to the end for my truly “radical” opinion about what would happen if humans ate/killed all other forms of life!

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