REPOST: Topless Topics with my mom: body positivity in the nudist world

Published on October 26, 2018

Originally posted to my original Youtube channel Topless Topics on Jun 21, 2016

Later marked “private” after Youtube started banning all my videos as “sexually gratifying”

Now presented in SUPER ZOOMED IN format on my new “Topless Topics but Zoomed” channel to prove the bullshit of youtube (and facebook, etc) censorship against even zoomed in photos of mine, simply because my channel name is on all the algorithms’ shitlists.

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Originally posted to ToplessTopics on Youtube on Jan 16, 2015

original description:

Given that Youtube hates females, I’ve quit Youtube and moved to Vimeo! Click here to see the full explanation (unless Youtube bans this video too):

Sorry this video ended abruptly, my ipad suddenly ran out of storage space. But I think we covered most of it! It took a lot of convincing to get my mom to show even this much, so please be kind and leave nice comments. Maybe suggest future videos!

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