Which videos should I re-upload first?

Please be warned that, as always, this new tactic for uploading and sharing my videos remains a tenuous experiment only, and more than likely will still fall prey to the same false-flagging, bandwidth-exploitation and other underhanded abuse tactics employed by my Dedicated Cabal of Haters™️ to get my content banned. By the time you read this page, I may have already had another account banned! If you’re not sure what the current state of Topless Topics is, go ahead and follow me on social media and look for any updates, or ask me directly and I’ll try to help you out: https://www.toplesstopics.org/contact/

Here’s my latest attempt at finding a host for my heinous nonsexual female nipples: uploading to a secret Vimeo account directly thru Patreon!

That’s right! Unable to accept the L and give up once and for all on the fight for topless equality regardless of what gender we “look like,” I’m trying a new tactic–this time, uploading my videos to a secret new Vimeo account composed only of random numbers and letters (so good luck searching for it!) directly thru my Patreon account, which theoretically should make it a lot harder for my DCH (dedicated cabal of haters) to exploit the links and false flag it to get my content taken down!

That means, slowly, bit by bit, in no particular order and with no remaining info about when the video first went up or what the original title or description was, I’m uploading my old videos to this new secret account, and making them available to my Patreon supporters only (and/or for FREE to those of my supporters who have proven they’re not merely haters seeking to deplatform me thru their participation in my Promo Squad sharing incentive! Read more about that here: https://www.toplesstopics.org/promosquad/

That means figuring out which of my hundreds of old videos to re-upload first!

(again, I’m hesitant to even bother doing this, since it’s just a matter of time before the haters get me banned, yet again. But until such a time as a sufficient amount of millionaire nudists fund the creation of a video hosting platform that, finally, at long last, understands the difference between nonsexual nudity and hardcore porn, and allows the one but not the other, all I can do is suck it up and keep trying, trying, trying again to use the platforms we DO have!)

To make it easier for you, the Topless Topics supporters, to have a say on which of my old videos to reupload first, I’ve put together this loosely organized “Video Voting” page, so I have some idea which re-uploads I should prioritize first!

Using the voting form below, you can select up to five of the video thumbnails you see so that I can tally up which ones are a top priority! (I’m not including the handful of full-naked videos I did like my Just Naked podcast interview, since obviously those are the videos the pornbots will want me to reupload first)

This is an informal vote only, and it’s still up to my discretion which videos to reupload. I also only have the previously uploaded video versions of a lot of these, so I won’t be able to put them up in HD. But at least the audio should be clear enough, and that’s the most important part of these #FreeTheNipple videos, right? ?

Anyway, here’s your opportunity to vote, and again, if you want to see these videos when they’re reuploaded, you can either become a $2-or-higher montly Patreon donor, and/or see them for FREE by taking part in the Promo Squad Sharing Incentive! More info on both of those here:

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Multiple Choice
Is there an old video of mine you remember watching but don’t see the thumbnail choice above? Then contact me to describe what you remember of the video and I’ll see if I can find it!

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