Separation Anxiety: Topless Topics Mental Health

Published on May 10, 2022



Topless Topics

Mental Health

An oooold video from shortly after I first started Topless Topics discussing the crippling separation anxiety I dealt with when I first started dating my now-husband, the original title and description for which I sadly lost when Youtube banned the video. I’m happy to say I’m way more chill about separation anxiety now–I still prefer to do an activity with someone I know and care about, but I can survive on my own. The real test will be Vidcon 2022 in just one month (!!!)–I’ll be all by myself for the entire week, trying my best to be sociable and connect with other low-level creators to interview and collaborate with, as I try not to have a panic attack over possible reactions to the extremely brand-unfriendly nature of my content 🙃

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