Topless Topics Events: Portland Slutwalk 2018 !

Topless Topics Events: Portland Slutwalk 2018 !

PLEASE NOTE: most of these videos are lost thanks to having the Youtube and Vimeo accounts they were on banned

I had these videos uploaded both to Youtube and Vimeo, and despite them being at a womens-safety and sex-positive protest in downtown Portland, there weren’t even female nipples visible, yet when the accounts were banned, everything went down with them.

Below are the only two videos I could find still on my external drives–one from 2017, and one from 2018. The other files are probably still on an old computer harddrive of mine, but I lack the tech skills or spoons currently to find a way to extract them, since these computers don’t even work anymore. Also the videos I do have are quite low quality, since they were downloaded/uploaded/downloaded/uploaded several times as accounts were banned.

Perhaps someday, if covid becomes manageable (or people reliably wear masks) and/or Portland police stop behaving in line with the Proud Boys and other white nationalist thugs who like to harass leftists, we can start having Slutwalks again. In the meantime, I will continue to try to find more videos from these events, and reupload them to TROM then post them here as I can.

Below: the original description posted with the videos that are now banned

Topless Topics Events: Portland Slutwalk 2018 !

Whew, even though it’s been a tough few months with the kids getting sick and not having anyone available to babysit, the stars aligned a few weekends ago so I was able to head down to downtown Portland and cover some of the Slutwalk 2018, the very same event I covered last year which you can see the videos from HERE!

Alas by the time I got to the event, it was already quite crowded (about three times as many people as last year, by my rough approximation) and I didn’t want to be rude and shove my way to the front, so instead I mostly filmed “interviews” with some of the other protestors (and counter protestors) that were hanging around the peripheral crowd. Here are all the videos broken up by speaker and listed in chronological order below!

ALSO, I found out after the Slutwalk that there was a separate event going on called the “Sluttalk Show” at The Funhouse Lounge in Portland, and the performers there were kind enough to let me film them! You can watch all those videos in THIS POST! It was a great experience and I’m very hopeful that I can get my babysitting situation squared away so I can start covering more events and shows like this, maybe arrange more cohosted videos and interviews as well!


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