“Spring Nymph” Nude Beach/Forest Photos now available on Etsy!

“Spring Nymph” Nude Beach/Forest Photos now available on Etsy!

Spring Nymph – Fern Set – Digital Photos now available: https://www.etsy.com/listing/696517525/mature-artistic-nude-digital-print?ref=listings_manager_grid

A week after the photoshoot, I’ve finally had a chance to start putting some of the photos I took with Dauntless Photography at the Rooster Rock Clothing-Optional Beach/Forest on the Topless Topics Etsy Store to help me fund new projects, like the Recording Studio/Shed I just signed a contract to have built in my backyard! More about that in this video: https://www.toplesstopics.org/march2019update/

With this photoshoot, I’m going to try something different–given that Etsy costs money per listing, I’m going to be releasing these photos only as “sets,” i.e. the “Fern Set.” If you’re only interested in one of the photos instead of the whole set, you may be interested in signing up as a Patreon donor instead and selecting that one print as your monthly reward: https://www.patreon.com/ToplessTopics

I have over three hundred images from the shoot, and it’s slow going for me to pick out the best ones and clean up the blurry parts, enhance colors, etc. so new sets will be trickling out as I have time to edit them and put them up on Etsy. As for the photos that I don’t put up for sale, I’m thinking of keeping them as a bonus reward tier for my upcoming attempt at a crowdfunding campaign to get the shed paid off in time for me to not owe interest on it! If you’re interested in seeing the bonus pics, stay tuned for an announcement once I get the crowdfund campaign underway!

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