Topless Topics Donation Reward Feedback Request

Topless Topics Donation Reward Feedback Request

Thanks for your interest in helping me improve Topless Topics! I’ve put together this feedback form so I can tailor my Patreon rewards to better align what my supporters are interested in. Thank you again for taking part!

(And if you want to sign up for Patreon today, here’s the link. Thank you so much! [Ugh I keep saying thanks…])

Topless Topics Donation Reward Feedback Form
In an effort to make sure that the rewards I can offer for Patreon donors are in line with what you, the supporters, would be most interested in receiving, I’ve put together this form to ask for feedback! Please feel free to be as brief or as thorough in your feedback as you like, just give me your honest opinions, please!
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
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Are you currently a Patreon donor to Topless Topics? If not, which is your primary reason for not signing up?
What sorts of rewards would interest you in donating to Topless Topics?
Please help me figure out which types of Patreon rewards you cats would most enjoy!
List as many as you like, no matter how silly! (But know straight up that anything sexual/pornographic in nature is going to get tossed right out).
What sort of projects or functions would you most like to see your donations go towards?
If you donate, what do you want to see your money go towards?

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